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  1. Wow !!!!!! The 5150, the Shiva, Variac Plexi, and Big Bottom REALLY stood out. When it is released for the regular HD 500, I AM IN !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks so much for the video !!!!!
  2. I have the exact same problem,, stuttering,, skips,, not a line of sight issue either. I have used 3 different Iphone 5s's on it. Updated my iphone,,, updated the Amplifi. Still no change. Took the Amplfi back to where i purchased it, of course it the problems wouldn't happen while i was there at the store, but they graciously exchanged it. Got the new one home,, exact same thing. Happens while i both streaming off Songza, or just listening to itunes. So its not my internet connection thats for sure. Also the Ampifli app constantly disconnects as well. What to do ? Anyone from Line6 care to chime in on this ? Cool amp,,,,, very glitchy
  3. Line 6 bought Fractal ???? For real ????? If so when did this happen ?
  4. hey everyone, I have very spotty wifi with my iphone 5s and my amplfi 75. Music cuts in and out A LOT ,,, usually from less than 10 away too. I've tried a few different iphones with it too and had the same result. Then connected them by wifi to other devices like my car stereo etc and everything worked fine. Also i quite often get no response from the app while playing my guitar through it. It will quite often just stay frozen on one patch and not respond no matter how much twiddling on the app i do. I believe the wifi is just faulty on this one and am going to exchange it for another one. Thoughts anyone before i do ? Anyone had the same experience ? Fun amp otherwise !!!
  5. I have the exact same issue too. Love the amp, super fun sounds great. I would think this is something that could be fixed in an update ? Someone from Line6 care to chime in ?
  6. Hello everyone, I own 2 JTV's , a 59 and an 89, I am VERY happy with both. But since updating to 2.0 firmware i have experienced the following issues 1. on the JTV 59, since going to 2.0 i now experince the palm muting issue on high gain sounds when the variax modelling is engaged. Is this an issue that is covered under warranty ? Also it doesn't seem to handle the alternate tunings quite as well as before, occasional warbles and such. 2. on the JTV 89 since updating to 2.0 all the modelled sounds come through VERY quiet. Switch back to the pickups and they are much louder. I rolled back to the previous firmware, 1.8,,or 1.9 or what ever it is, and the modelling all comes through at proper volumes. So the big question, should i be taking them in to be looked at ? Someone from line 6 ? Also, I must add that i think the version 2 models are superior and totally awesome !!!!! Cheers, Eddie
  7. I LOVE the Epic amp model !!!!!!! Really even searing focused tone. I love it for heavy down tuned stuff. I've found it performs best when recording direct. I prefer the Engl and Bogner models when playing through my DT50. But yes i would love to know what some of the amps and aspects of their personalities were that it inspired it. Us modeling nerds are always keen to read up on that stuff !!! Great sounds amp model Line 6 !!!!!!
  8. I saw a post on here a few months back rumoring that the next Variax was to be a 335 body style. I think that would be AWESOME !!!!!
  9. Line6 EPIC ---- amzing high gain tone direct ( this one seems to have been really overlooked and is such a gem ) Fireball Line6 Electric Park 75 SLO-crunch
  10. Greetings !!! I used my Vetta ll head faithfully for 5 years and that amp served me VERY well. I got A LOT of compliments on my sound. But like you I was looking for more out of my tone and bought the POD HD 500 to replace my old POD XTL as I was starting to do more home recording and was so impressed with the tone that within about a month I'd bought the DT50 head and matching cab. Vetta was retired in short order. Its a serious step up from the Vetta in tone. The what i really like is that the POD HD and the DT50 are both stand alone pieces of gear. I can take home my POD after band practice and still have MY tone when i get home and plug into my computer. Not the case with the Vetta. So i would say DO IT !!!!! I'm super glad i did !!!!!
  11. Also,,,, Framus Cobra !!!!!!! Anyone else agree ????
  12. DIEZEL VH4 DIEZEL VH4 DIEZEL VH4 DIEZEL VH4 DIEZEL VH4 DIEZEL VH4 Please :) Also, the Conford MK 50, it seemed to get overlooked, but i LOVE the model of it in my Vetta ll HD, great sounding model, I would love it in my dream rig :)
  13. I too upgraded from the XT live to the HD 500, and i would give a resounding YES to all your questions. The HD 500 is such a superior device, It was worth the money and a whole lot more, i only needed to be plugged into the HD500 for about 5 minutes to know this. I will add that i was a content XT Live user from the time it came out too. MUCH better amp modelling, WAY better wah models too. HD 500 is next level tone.
  14. I own a JTV 59 and a JTV 89. I just couldn't resist having both. I have to say I am 100% happy with both, 5/5 without reservation.Both guitars came with the action a bit high, i just lowered it a bit on both and WOW !!!!!! I was taken back a bit at first with the neck on the 59 being a bit thicker than i'd normally like,, but within a week it had become just about the most comfortable neck i've ever played and am so in love with it. The 59 also feels so perfect when you play with it standing up. The 89 without a doubt has the fastest neck i've ever played in my life and i love the 89 equally, just in different ways. These are the guitars i've waited my entire life for. The rest of my guitars just collect dust now. I run the 59 on 2.0 software, and the 89 on 1.9 software as i think both versions have good things to offer. Get a JTV, i can't imagine how you could be dissapointed. BRAVO LINE 6 !!! And thank you.
  15. I think a side by side test of the two units would be the best way to shed some light on this debate, or perhaps give us all some concrete answers. Anybody on here have boths units in their possesion ?
  16. Ok i've got workbench HD down loaded and opened up and my JTV 59 hooked up through my pod hd 500 and work bench keeps telling me i need to update my guitar to 2.0... HOW DO I DO THIS ??? sooooooooooo confusing. This is a cry for help,, i can't really find any step by step instructions on here
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