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  1. Yeah - my Majesty and Helix have changed my playing for the better! The piezo & the 3SigmaAudio acoustic IR's are fantastic. The Majesty is the most comfortable playing guitar I've ever owned (in well over 300 guitars over the years). I'm not a huge Petrucci fan (I like some of his stuff) but once I played one I knew I had to have one. I really love the stock pickups as well. I love the piezo bridge also, but for whatever reason after getting a EBMM Game Changer with a piezo bridge as well, I prefer the Game Changer's piezo. The Game Changer is the perfect recording guitar...I wish the Majesty had the full Game Changer system in it - it'd be perfect then IMO, or alternatively I wish the Game Changer had the Majesty body. I have the HSH-Piezo GC version and there literally isn't a tone you can't get with it! With my current stable of guitars and the Helix, I'm having the most fun playing guitar that I've ever had in 33 years of playing.
  2. Oh ok. I was already logged into my Line 6 account so it bascially took me right to the download. I'm gonna wait a week or so though before I worry about updating...seems to be too many issues that I just don't want to deal with...I'll wait a bit til stuff gets worked out properly. Amazing that the same company that made such a killer product in the Helix jacks up the updates.
  3. Right after the Known Issues section, are you not seeing the "Get Download" button on the lower right hand side?!?
  4. I just have to pile on and say that for me Sweetwater is always a pleasure to order from...their "sales engineers" in my dealings with them are always knowledgeable and every single time have given me a break on the prices. I like the way that you eventually get "assigned" your own sales engineer...I have built a great relationship with mine (Mark!) and consider him a friend. Their return policy is fantastic and no sales tax is great, and being in Ohio I almost always get what I order the very next day. I have a couple of "friends" at the local GC 5 minutes down the street from me that are good to me, but the majority of the staff there are clueless and they have a lousy inventory unless you want an entry level Ibanez (or now Mitchell electrics!) or an over priced 2013 PRS that's been in the Platinum room for a few years. I'm "lucky" that I have 2 other GC's within @ 1/2-hour to 45 minutes from me, but they are even worse. I really only look at used gear at GC's anymore. I do like the way you can get used gear from other locations sent to your local GC and then accept it or return it right there. The local Sam Ash is even worse...the only good thing about them is since their staff is even more clueless than GC, you can get TOP dollar selling them gear! I bought a used USA G&L guitar that I kept for about 6 months that I sold to Sam Ash and actually made $130 over what I paid for it! It's still hanging on the wall there a year later. All 3 will usually knock something off the price for just asking which is good...can't remember the last time I paid "sticker price" for anything above strings or a cable, etc. Looks like I'm actually gonna have some expendable cash this year around Black Friday / Cyber Monday so for the first time in awhile I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of deals the "big 3" (SW, GC, & SA) are going to have this year.
  5. Ritchie's a great guy and really talented. So is his wife Ann Marie.
  6. I've noticed with mine that if I leave my rig for a little while (like long enough for the Mac to "sleep"), when I come back the Editor says No Helix connected so I'm wondering if it's something to do with the computer going to sleep...not sure if I've ever had it happen while I'm using it...don't think I have as I very often do my switching via the app when I'm at my recording desk rather than using the actual Helix.
  7. I got the Martin D-45 IR and have to say, it is very good! Used in tandem with the piezo in my Music Man Majesty guitar sounds great. Not sure if I'll get the Taylor or Gibson versions because this one is so good, it'll probably work for me.
  8. I've ONLY ever had my Helix connected to the Mac - I'm still in the process of setting up my sounds so I leave it connected and do my editing through the Helix Editor.
  9. My 2 day old Helix did this yesterday. I had used it from about 10:00 am til around 2:30, stopped to have some lunch and spent about an hour to two hours away from it and when I went back into my studio, it was "frozen"...I could still play the patch it was on but when either changing the patches via the footswitches or thru the Helix Editor, it would change to the selected patch but the sound coming out of it was always that last patch I used before taking the break. A power cycle took care of it, but it is a little bit disheartening for that to happen to my brand new (fully updated fwiw) Helix. I leave it connected to my Mac via USB btw.
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