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  1. Hello cuz! Mine is #301. I was just wondering myself how many were made - I used to think 300, until mine showed up.
  2. This should have been a go at the OS launch. Now it's ages later, gear sitting idle. Can I have all my money back back? Then how about making the product work on the platform as advertised? "In the end, we, your fellow musicians, truly want to resolve any such issues as quickly as possible so you can get back to making music with your Line 6 gear. We thank you for your support and your understanding." You've lost my support, patience and understanding. Fix it already.
  3. It's been at least 6 months. Where is the update? I have 4 Variax guitars in this studio, and workbench DOES NOT WORK.
  4. I haven't personally confirmed this, but someone on Amazon said this Coffin case fits the SR270: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01FIS0DGY/?coliid=I38IVHLXMYVY65&colid=D6J4FGNHV8HY&psc=0&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it Also, from the Facebook Page: "An update on the hard case question for the SR270. Here are two options shared by Shuriken users Martyn River Gap Heeks and Brandon Downs. The first image is a STAGG brand case (not sure on the model) and the second image is a GATOR branded case (with the extra room above the headstock) https://bit.ly/2J6cHIY. If anyone finds the GATOR model, I'll post it in this thread. Someone said: Gator hard-shell wood case for Thunderbird bass PG Muns Gruv Gear Sliver- fits just right Hope that helps!
  5. I have the SR 270, and haven't found a good case yet. I've asked the good people at Sweetwater to check out candidates for me (they will, if you tell ask specifically if the Shuriken fits a particular case) - so far, I haven't found a winner. Short of buying (or building) a custom flight case, I think you're best served looking at bass cases - maybe take your axe into you local guitar super store and try some on. BC Rich has made some colossal guitars - I use one of their cases for my Variax acoustic (mine is still to short for the Shuriken) - but the BC Rich Beast is a HUGE guitar - maybe one of those cases would be a good candidate - those cases are 4 feet long. (As I write this, I'm away from my Shuriken and a tape measure, so I can't say for sure). As I recall (and maybe I'm wrong, so don't quote me) - but I think Stevic had mentioned at some point using a custom flight case, as guys in internationally successfully bands have budgets for such things, and I'm sure his sees way more miles than mine does. If you find a good answer, be sure to post it!
  6. I did a little window shopping and found I could get an adequate old pc for about $100. I could use java on it, as it would spend the remainder of it’s life as an offline property. Although, an even better solution is, as you say, just fix it. This issue certainly colors my view about buying another Variax.
  7. I bought a Shuriken, and it is an amazing bit of gear - not just for the cyborg qualities either - it feels good, and is remarkably “positionable” - the forearm and tummy cut are really nice. And it has a decent magnetic pickup, so only part of the guitar might expire. But the part that my age out is... the orchestra. I hate the idea that some future version of workbench will not work with it. That’s a horrible thought. When you have a favorite axe, you want to marry it. Don’t make me a widower, Line6! I have a bunch a guitars, but lately, that one is becoming my main. If I could find one with bad electronics, I would buy it and just use it as a single pickup guitar. Because I love it - it is my guitar, and the others in my collection are more like a reference library. The 300 is the “goes to parties” guitar. If it gets stolen, it’s a lesser (but still a) loss. I’d like to reconfigure it, though. You know, leverage the tech. And as a loaner to the trustworthy, it’s a great evangelical tool to promote the truth and beauty of Line6, it’s name be praise, hallelujah. I think the thing for me to do is get a cheap old machine to run workbench. Maybe use the remainder of the hard drive as a jukebox...
  8. In regards to using Java - I am an international traveller (many networks), and Java present huge security issues, so I'm no gonna take that route - but good answer! Regarding "horse doodoo," I'm sure it's a matter of they don't want to support our workarounds, which I understand. It is a weird situation, though. I've had printers die with OS updates, but never a guitar before. I'm gonna check out those threads, though, and many thanks codamedia and soundog!
  9. Okay, so the definitive answer is: "We appreciate your interest in our Legacy software product, Variax Workbench. This program is not compatible with computers running on operating systems after Windows 8 and OSX 10.8. There is no pending update on schedule to make this software compatible with current operating systems." So, if anyone comes up with a clever work around, I'm all ears. Thanks!
  10. There seems to be a lot of negativity towards the bouzouki... I'm interested in a bouzouki, and it doesn't have to be precisely perfect - it just has to be reasonably in tune (top two strings OFF, then GDAD). Zrkrlk, I'd be interested in any solution you have found ( and yes, I realize this thread is 2 years old...)
  11. Hey all, let me clear some things up (and thanks for your responses!) I already have Workbench HD installed (supports my Shuriken, what a lovely guitar), and it works like a champ for anything JTV or beyond. That's the first photo - it doesn't support my 300. Second photo: I tried installing the original Workbench 1.75, (and then 1.73). The error message I get on install is that 10.5 or better is required. I'm using a Mac OSX 10.13.6 (High Sierra) which is pretty new... 10.5 was Leopard (much older). I also have a windows machine in the studio, but it's Windows 10 - which none of the old workbenches have been marked as compatible. (What I really need is some genius to make me a raspberry pi computer that only runs workbench 1.75, but as long as I'm wishing I'd also like a pony)
  12. I have one of the original Variax guitars, but I've found that workbench no longer recognizes the guitar. Workbench 1.75 won't install on my Mac - it says it requires OS 10.5 or above. I'm at 10.13 (Which I'm pretty sure is newer that 10.5) This is a problem - guitars shouldn't become obsolete... Any one have a clue about what to do to make this work?
  13. You know, Apple didn't sell me the music gear. And if we could go backwards in system updates, I bet most of us would. I certainly would. These little invisible system "improvements" break our gear. In the meantime, we've been legacy-ed to death. Funny, my Korg A3 (from the early 90s) still works fine... At all events GRRRR! I didn't rent this gear, I bought it!
  14. Me too - El Capitan, no Gearbox, no bueno. Til then, my mountain of gear is quiet...
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