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  1. I prefer the Litigator and Cartographer for that sort of use. As for effects...a little dose of everything. Not sure exactly what I'd throw in there.
  2. Give them a few days, I'd love to get a good review on how you feel about them.
  3. A lot of the individual block settings can be edited hands free.
  4. Jason Sadites has a video using a Leslie sim...specifically how you're requesting...I don't recall exactly which one it is...but I do believe that it is one that is specific to using 2 outboard pedals or something of that persuasion.
  5. I'm gonna follow this one...I have so many IR's...but simplicity is always preferred.
  6. Join the 11000 member strong Facebook group if you use FB. You'll have 5937 answers for every question you have.
  7. The Facebook group may be of assistance as well. They all post in it. Pretty sure Frank has shared pictures of the Park.
  8. Some folks clearly do. I don't, just saying that this is an option and not a time consuming one any any means.
  9. For those who are complaining about it being time it once... Copy and paste is a wonderful feature
  10. Maybe a US friend can help you out...
  11. I bought one, what a deal!
  12. I've used a Big Sky, and I can't disagree! I just can't justify spending that much more right now!
  13. Some Tom Petty / Mike Campbell tones. Timing would be good.
  14. I'm 100% content with the Helix as is. I usually run pretty basic patches. Minimal effects. But it has been confirmed that all of the reverb effects and 2 wahs at launch were ports of the HD/M series effects. A lot of folks have been clamouring for HX optimized reverb effects. That's why I would not be shocked if we got some of them replaced entirely.
  15. I meant updating some of the HD models in the Helix to HX level models. I'd imagine that it's going to happen sooner or later.
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