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  1. Happy Solstice! They might as well remove the Spring 2019 from the forum thread.... I happen to like my Bourbon and Coke, not RC or Pepsi if I can help it.
  2. lhomme61

    Brit P75 models

    Does anyone have an idea on which generation of Park they used to model. I own an original '70 and can't seem to duplicate it unless I use an EQ.
  3. You can't really expect Line 6 to have every possible amp circuit covered. Unlike computers, there are no standards that amp builders have to adhere to. I used a G System before my Helix and it did Midi and most relay based channel switching but you had to get a interface box to run certain Mesa channel switching. I was using VHT Pittbulls in stereo and had to make my own adapter to go from 1/4 inch to DIN plug. I did my homework when looking at the Helix to make sure it would work with my rig. Take a deep breath, go to your amp users forums and see if there are others who have found solutions. You may have to be the pathfinder on a fix. Good luck.
  4. lhomme61

    Tube amps Gone?

    Since I picked up a pair of Turbo Sound speakers, the tube amps sit under a bed sheet. I'll keep my vintage stuff for now and start selling off the newer stuff, a couple of JVM's and VHT Pittbulls. It's just a pain in the lollipop to sell amps. I hate having to deal with people coming over to "try" them out. Shipping is expensive. I guess I can consign them someplace.
  5. Very cool. At one point I was running two JVM 410 in stereo in four channel mode. Nice write up if I ever go back to that again but FRFR is way better on my back.
  6. Just did this and found the stability improved. Also, at least in my case, I don't seem to have to set it to 438 to match my various other tuners I have. Interesting.
  7. lhomme61

    Turbosound iX12

    Thanks for the input. I don't have much experience with PA or FRFR speakers. They did sound good to me during practice. The ability to set the speaker placement was a big selling point for me.
  8. lhomme61

    Turbosound iX12

    I finally made the jump to full range powered speakers instead of a guitar amp and cabs for my Helix. I picked up a pair of Turbosound iX12 speakers from a local pro audio shop. I was planning to go with Alto's but for the extra $50 these have a programmable DSP. I like them so far. I wondering who else might be using these and any pointers on usage. Thanks. http://www.music-group.com/Categories/Turbosound/iX/iX12/p/P0BJX
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