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  1. I’m having the same issue and have watched the same videos. Did you ever fine a resolution to the gain problem using the AES connection?
  2. Just picked up this mixer only to find these dongles no longer available. Just ordered a 2nd one to see if it will work.
  3. Has anyone found that the Helix (preamp) models have no volume or very little, when used on Channel A of your DT. I've had to use full amp and cab models to get anything close to a normal volume level. Plus the Helix still does not switch the Topography or class A/B. Yes I have re-flashed the firmware on the DT.
  4. Indeed. I'd use mine with pedals except I really enjoy the PODHD 500X. Great for the 2 cover bands I'm in.
  5. I'd say it's a power tube problem and would just replace them and bias. Had the same problem a couple months ago, and replaced the tubes and have not had the crackling sound since. Stock tubes where junk. Maybe a bad batch, but others here have had simular issues. I may upload a video of the complete replacement and bias next time I change mine. Hardest part was getting the chassie out of the head housing. (glue)
  6. I'll do that. Played out this weekend and it sounded great. Very Pleased.
  7. Thanks for the input. After looking it over one more time, I took a metal putty knife and wedged it under the chassis and broke the glue lose that was holding it and finally got it out. So just 4 screws on the bottom and glue from the covering held it in tight. Replaced all the tubes and bias and now it's better than ever. It even sounds better through the HD 500X now than it did before. Oh yeah, the crappy stock tubes where the problem. The one in V3 blew before I could remove it. Read where others had the same problem and re tube fixed it. Been playing for over 25 years and this is the best sounding amp I've owned to date. Love playing through it.
  8. Ok. I have the popping, crackling noise, so I'm doing the tube change to JJ's. I've removed the back panel, and the four screws from the bottom , but the chassis is frozen in place. Tried a little force, but afraid something will break. Shouldn't the whole thing come out the back by pushing the front? Anyone with experience here would be appreciated.
  9. I kinda figured that, since my HD400 handled it perfectly, I assumed this one must be have a problem. Maybe it could be fixed in a patch down the road to stay where you set it. Thanks anyway.
  10. I also have HD 400 and once set to Combo, It stays there and does not change even if I plug and unplug the L6 link to the dt25 which is what I want since I'm usiing a 2/12 open back Orange cabinet. So the HD400 stays on COMBO AMP when connected, (which is what I want) but the HD500x changes back to STACK, (I'd like it to stay on Combo) Seems like a flaw. If thats the case, then I have to change it to combo everytime it's powerd on. That seems to be wrong because Stack doesn't sound as good (thin) as Combo. I understand it defaults to STUDIO when plugged into headphones, but not default to STACK when plugged into DT25. At least the HD400 handles it correctly.
  11. HD500x output mode is set to "COMBO PWR AMP" which should be a global setting right? If I plug my DT25 head into it via the L6 connection, in switches to "STACK PWR AMP" I can't find any info on this and not shure if its something simple, but everything is updated, so any suggestions?
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