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  1. glombi_72

    How to pick up and carry the Helix - handles anyone?

    As is a tool-BOX... :wacko:
  2. glombi_72

    How to pick up and carry the Helix - handles anyone?

    Yes, handle with care... ;-)
  3. glombi_72

    How to pick up and carry the Helix - handles anyone?

    I want that too, my AX8 had a handle...
  4. I was quite disappointed when i checked the change log and it was not mentioned that the auto on/off function of the expression pedals was fixed. With 2.30 it bypassed my wah block unintendedly, even though I had set it to 1s wait time. Problem was that if I reached the heel position for e.g. 5 times for only 200ms, this summed up to 1s and bypassed the block. That way the auto engage function was pretty much useless for me. I checked it again with 2.50, and now it's working as expected :-) I'm very happy. Obviously this went under minor bug fix for L6 (and maybe code wise it was). For me it's even more important than new amps, reverbs, etc. Maybe you found some other improvements or bug fixes that were not explicitly mentioned, that you want to share?
  5. glombi_72

    External tuner recommendation and setup?

    Easiest thing for me is the TC electronics Polytune Clip Tuner: Small, light weight, accurate, quick, no wires, no power supply, you can use ist backstage...
  6. glombi_72

    Future refinement on Helix amps?

    I hope that, oposite to Fractal, L6 will issue more updates regarding new or improved functinal features and bugs instead of changing the sound over and over, ignoring user wishes consequently...
  7. glombi_72

    Helix as Mac Output

    No, it would reduce the level on USB-In1 & USB-In 2 by whatever you set as trim level...
  8. glombi_72

    Wah auto engage glitch?

    Thanks, I have this exakt same issue. I use the toe switch at the moment, but would prefer auto engage...
  9. glombi_72

    How I switched frome AXE FX II to Helix

    Not to offend anybody, but size doesn't always matter. The fractal forum is full of professional musicans with a lot of experience in fractal equipment (by the way, I'm far away from both ;-)). Maybe because fractal equipment is mainly used by professionals? They are very willing to provide great and qualified assistance and share knowledge as well as great recordings. I'm not long enough here to really give a judgement. But I think the fractal forum is far more active and maybe also more qualified. That was also one of the reasons that made me hesitant about the switch to the Helix LT, when I first came here to collect information about the Helx LT. Stil I'm looking foreward to become part of this new community. Regards, glombi
  10. glombi_72

    How I switched frome AXE FX II to Helix

    Convertetd from AX8 to Helix LT, not yet completely, but most likely... I aggree with you in all aspects. Plus, I had some noise issues with the AX8 that are now history, even without a gate in the signal path...