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  1. My LT was stuck at 50 percent...for 3 Hours ! Finally decided to close the Updater, then turn off the LT. Turned LT back on, it showed Version 2,80...but then went into the firnware Upadte screen. Ran the Line 6 Updater again..and it whizzed thru and completed very quickly (maybe 5 mins). The LT has successfully rebooted itself, and is currently rebuilding Presets. Hope this helps someone :)
  2. Rocles

    Helix LT for vocals

    I have a Helix LT...delighted with it. Occasionally, I need to run an Acoustic guitar with Vocals...as there's no MIC Input on the LT, decided to try a MIC to LINE Adapter. I got this one - https://www.gear4music.com/…/Audix-T50K-Impedance-Matc…/ST8… It works great ! I can plug my Dynamic Mic in via the RETURN 1 Input on the LT, made a patch with Dualpaths for Mic on Return 1 and Guitar on Return 2. With the Studio Preamp and some Compressors, and a bit of Gain boosting, I get a great clean Mic signal. My Patch as above is available on Customtone (free) at - https://line6.com/customtone/tone/4433419/
  3. Try my Preset here https://line6.com/customtone/tone/4334585/
  4. Rocles

    Acoustic sim patches/presets

    Taylor 314CE with Soundelux Mic works great for me, when added at the start of the excellent "Piezo" patch from Jason Sadites. Its on Customtone, search "Piezo" from "Jaysadites"
  5. Rocles

    Amplifi TT...control via USB cable ?

    Reply to my own question...I fixed it, bought a Helix :)
  6. Keep the Time short (between 80–140 ms), Feedback at 0 (so you only get one repeat), and Mix Level at about 45-50 percent. I'm using the Vintage Digital delay
  7. Hi folks, can the TT be controlled by a smartphone connected by a USB cable ? The Bluetooth is flaky to say the least......
  8. Rocles

    Convert Pod Farm tones to AmpliFi ?

    Ok, thanks...looks like lots of editing to be done.......
  9. Im sure this has been asked before, but couldn't find it...as a new Ampilifi TT owner, with a large PodFarm and XTLive Library...any chance of a Tone Converter program ?
  10. Here's a UX2 based Tone I used recently on my own song, The Actor. Just the right amount of crunch for me :) Vocals , Guitar and Bass Presets attached You can hear the Song at - http://soundclick.com/share.cfm?id=12799009 Guitars / Bass and Vocals all via Toneport UX2, Drums and Percussion Jamstix...Live Organ and Synth from Peter Rand. Guitars are both Epiphone Les paul, Bass a Squier P-Bass, Vocals via Behringer Dynamic mic Vox Crunch RYTH Epi 12.l6t Les Vocals.l6t Les Bass.l6t