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  1. I actually find it pretty hard to ignore flashing lights. Fingers crossed for it to become a global option in a future update.
  2. Hey, is there a way to get back to the previous tuner display? It was definitely good enough for me and I waste time trying to stabilize the new display instead of actually playing. One minor issue: I just recorded a song in drop A on my 5-string bass and the Helix wouldn't display any pitch at all. Tuning to the harmonic did work but is not as quick/comfortable as I can't keep my left hand just over the tuning key like I usually do.
  3. Sure and it's great that they're there. On the other hand, it's heavy and big enough as it is that many people myself included would be discouraged of fitting it on a board with other pedals. I still use the loops for various purposes in my home studio but live I'll likely only ever use 1 send for my in-ear premix.
  4. I like your idea but there are other things I'd want to jam in the Helix more. Modelers will never nail all of everyone's favorite pices of gear which is kind of a beautiful - though inconvenient - thing. We wouldn't want to put innovative builders out of business would we?
  5. Loann

    Helix FAQ

    Can we know the dimensions of the external pockets of the Helix backpack? I've been thinking a secondary board with wireless, in-ear and a couple pedals could fit in the bigger compartment...
  6. There's a parameter called something like "signal through" on the send/return block you'd have to set to 0 if you want your signal 100% wet
  7. Loann

    Helix FAQ

    Hey guys, I'm mostly a bass player (though I do dabble with them skinny guitars too). Had a Variax bass once and I've got a JTV-89 as my only electric guitar. Some experience playing through a buddy's PODs but no tweaking. I'm potentially very interested in a Helix as it could fulfill most of my needs. If it sounds great, that is. 1) How bass friendly is the Helix? Were any bass player involved in the process? Is a bass demo coming? 2) More specifically curious about synth-oriented effects and envelope filters... for which the Eventide H9 has been disappointing. 3) Does the parallel processing feature a crossover mode for multi-band processing? If not can it be done easily with EQ? 4) Any way to easily organize presets "per gig" so I don't accidentally recall my "industrial fuzz octave" during my solo acoustic guitar/vocal thingy? But the same input could be routed to both paths effectively resulting in 4-way parallel processing right?
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