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  1. Not sure this should matter, but there is a setting in the Global Menu that determines snapshot behavior. On the unit, my snapshots only save if I save them specifically after each change. This is set up by setting snapshot edits to discard under preferences. They are ONLY saved if I specifically save them. Not sure how this behavior is reflected in HX edit, however, but might be something to look at.
  2. I've only been able to load firmware ( and get the computer to recognize the HX effects) using the holding right arrow to put unit in fail-safe mode-- #5 below. HX Effects resets 1. Holding FS3 + MODE - Will clear all Presets and IRs 2. Holding FS4+FS5 - Will reset Global Settings 3. Holding FS5+FS6 - Will reset Presets only 4. Holding FS6+TAP - Will Perform factory restore (reset, Globals, IRs, and Presets) 5. Holding the right arrow ">" Will put the unit in a fail safe update mode. Use this when the HX Effects is in a un recoverable state
  3. No, same behavior as described above, unit is on last preset I used, I select another preset with foot-switch, it goes to that preset but gets stuck there, will no longer respond to pressing foot-switches or buttons. I did the reset by holding lower two buttons, which reset the entire unit and erased my presets. Then thankfully I was able to restore from a backup. I have numerous pretty detailed presets with snapshots commands etc and the thought of rebuilding from scratch again was depressing. Luckily the backup worked but.... I used to use a TC Electronics G system and there was a well known random freeze called the GREEN SCREEN OF DEATH (essentially a blank green screen and unit would not respond). Only a firmware restore would put things right so I was having to drag my laptop around to gigs just in case. Was hoping that would not be the case with HX Effects but now I'm not sure I trust it.
  4. Yep, same thing just happened to me. Worked fine yesterday, now it's bricked. This blows. I was using 2.50 with no issues. Upgraded to 2.70 4 days ago, no issues until today. Hopefully I can get this right but count me also as one who is really worried about powering this up at a gig and having this happen. NOT GOOD!
  5. This is an HX Effects question, not a Helix, so, there are no amp models involved. Another reason why many have have asked for a separate forum, they really are different beasts in many ways.
  6. What you are looking for is a clean boost. In this sense clean means taking you're existing tone and just boosting the volume for a solo, fill etc. If you are hitting input of an already distorted amp, there is little headroom so you may not notice much of a volume jump at all ( a good analogy is like trying to add more water to an already saturated sponge, there is nowhere for more water to be absorbed.) Built - in Amp boosts work after the pre-amp, so you would want a boost after the preamp to do what you want. This could be done in 4 cable method or a separate boost pedal in the amps effects loop controlled by the one of the HX loops.
  7. And to add to this...I saved my created presets as a backup. Then I loaded some other sounds into the HX. When I went to restore my original presets they were there, but all snapshots were GONE! I spent considerable time arranging, naming and tweaking snapshots for each preset so needless to say I was a little perturbed to have to do it all over again. Has anyone else experienced this? It really makes me hesitant to use the edit as a backup. Otherwise, i am loving this piece of gear.
  8. I had the same issues. It finally worked for me when I only used the hx edit to install drivers and software AND set the HX effects into update mode when I turned it on. You can put HX in update mode by powering on and holding the right ">" arrow. Then it finally recognized and updated to 2.50. Give this a try if you haven't already.
  9. From page 36 in manual: NOTE: At this time, Ext Amp control messages are not transmitted per snapshot when assigned to an instant command; only when assigned to a footswitch. So yeah, this is a known issue. At least it says "at this time" which might imply they will fix it in a firmware update.
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