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  1. How soon before these effects are applied in an update to the POD Go? It seems that once a Helix update happens, a POD GO update occurs in about a month or so. I'm mainly interested in seeing the POD Go update will add the Sunn Model T amp sim and the Life Pedal sim.
  2. I'm wondering if there would be any interest in an HX-Stomp sized Catalyst Pedal? A very low cost option for home recording artists to have just the six amps and the effect in the Catalyst amp, but in a pedal like the HX Stomp? A real basic thing to compete with something like the Strymon Iridium, but with the Catalyst amp models & FX (which from the demos I've heard sound great). Just wondering if anyone else was thinking about this?
  3. And it looks like the POD Go Firmware update of 1.21, the "Swedish Chainsaw" has now been added to the effects! Thank you Line 6!
  4. OK - so I've been pwned. I raise the white flag and surrender.
  5. Not Revans fault for the "flowery" descriptions - these are direct quotes from the Fluid Solo website, which has descriptions of each of the Helix/POD Go FX.
  6. So has anyone with a POD GO captured that In Flames / Clayman / Studio Fredman Guitar sound yet? I know there are other forums with Fred Nordstrom's actual 5150 settings, but has anyone tried these settings in either a Helix or POD Go yet? Anyone come close to capturing that classic sound? If you do, post it on Custom Tone!
  7. Using the Simple Pitch at the very front of the signal chain does yield decent "detuning" results. The lower you go, it is slightly more noticeable. I've created a preset to mimic the Sunn O))) sound (down 5 half steps) and it does it pretty well. But if you play very fast, you might begin to notice some "wobble" in the sound. Heavily distorted pedals and amps after the pitch shift disguise it well enough.
  8. @ silverhead OK - I'll check it out - thanks!
  9. I've used Reaper for more than 10 years. Inexpensive ($60 for amateur license), and does nearly everything that ProTools does. PC or MAC compatible.
  10. Or does anyone have a preset where they've been able to re-create that "chainsaw" Swedish guitar tone (see the band Entombed) with the Metal Zone simulation?
  11. I have noticed that the last few Factory Presets (the ones with the spacey reverb and delay sounds - I don't have my POD Go on right now, so I don't remember the names of the presets) have an issue with the volume pedal, where it does not seem to affect the presets at all. Anyone else noticed that? I'm guessing it might be due to the DSP not having enough RAM to include the Volume pedal in the preset? I could be wrong.
  12. Robert Fripp (with Brian Eno) invented "Frippertronics" in the early 1970's by creating long delay tape loops for improvisation using two REVOX reel-to-reel tape recorders. He basically invented what we call looping for guitarists. Search YouTube for Frippertronics and you'll see some pretty interesting examples, from guitarists using digital delays, and some using tape delays. It looks like the built-in looper can do this type of thing, so I'll be diving into the manual this weekend.
  13. Any video tutorials on using the Looper in the POD Go yet? I'd really like to use it for Frippertonic-style improvisation.
  14. I'm also interested in using the Looper for Frippertronic-style improvisations.
  15. Longtime Line 6 user (I still use my PODXT Live), but this is my first forum post ... I just ordered a POD GO, and hope to get it as soon as the whole COVID this dies down and companies start shipping product again. So I notice that in the selection of Distortion pedal models, Line 6 still insists on using one of the worst metal pedals ever, the Boss Metal Zone. Why keep using this oft reviled pedal? Instead of that, why not design a model of the Boss HM-2, which basically only had one good sound, but it was a GOOD sound that tons of bands used to get that "chainsaw" buzz for that "Swedish" death metal tone - bands like Entombed, Dismember, Unleashed, and Bloodbath defined Swedish Death Metal with this sound. I'd love to see this in a software update soon.
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