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    Firmware 2.6

    When will the packs and V2.6 available for POD HD500?
  2. Why is this ? Why only in low volume mode?
  3. Very good. Now it I love the HD Guitars. Using LP, Strat, and Acoustics, somwetime 12 string.
  4. Thanks, why is the the default in the models then serial?
  5. In Version 1.9 the strat models sounded better in my opinion. Ok it seems that I have to live with or roll back.
  6. Understood. The string volume I easily can resolve. But I need more twang. So I chnage my question to: - I need a patch with a good twang for the spank in Position 2 and 4 (priority pos 2) - Why is the Default Position set to Serial? Isn´t it parallel for a Standard strat?
  7. Hello forum and experts, today I successfully upgraded to new version of workbench HD. Good job L6. Questions: - Can anybody post a spank patch with a good twang in position 2 and 4. Ideally correct for too low highE and B string. - Why is the default set to serial? In a standard strat it is parallel to my knowledge. Thanks Thomas
  8. Yes thats working. In standby mode there is no Signal.
  9. @Gazza: Did you turn cab simulation on or off in the POD Pre Model?
  10. @Real Zap: instead of arguments which doesn´t really help it would be helpful if you publish the cook book. - cab setting - outputmode setting ....... But I nknow it is impossible
  11. All People who say "it Sound the same" please post your settings !! I tried and tried and never could match. THE DT25 Sound better, more dynamic. So convince us and post settings
  12. And ... the POD models don´t Sound as good as the DT25 preamp models. There are a some threads discussing this.
  13. The tones are different. 'Using pre models does not automatically turn off cabinet and mic simulation. There is no statement from L6 and from the expert what exactly matches the DT25.
  14. in principle you are right with your arguments. you don´t have to use 2.0. But .... it is not an alleged inferiority but a proven inferiority, test it or ask neutral users.
  15. Doing a A to B comparision with my band colleagues they gave me this feedback.
  16. I bought a Korean JTV89. Sound (1.9) ok. Playability not good. I took the guitar to a guitar technician. He look at the frets and the were not well adjusted. But he said this is normal because the quality checks are bad in series production. Invested 100€. now playability is perfect.
  17. I have the same with my JTV89. The reason is that the knob isn´t exact parallel to the body. Bad manufactured. Result is some friction. So raise the knob a little bit and fine.
  18. Stil the Strat models in HD 2.0 are crap. Thin and .....Luckily you don´t Need them. The LesPauls are good in 2.0 Maybe L6 brings out an update
  19. I totally agree. My 700s is better quality than my JTV 89. The HD 2.0 strat modells are crap. JTV: faster processor (less input lags), additional magnetic pickups (better palm muting). 700: higher Quality. I prefer the acustic models.
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