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  1. Thanks guys, Much appreciated info. What I am trying to get away from is separate patches and just have one set up that I can control and (if needed) make changes 'on the fly'. If you have separate patches and you want to change, say the feedback on your Delay, you have to go into each patch, make the change and then save each patch. As opposed to just changing it once and saving. My mate has a rocktron pedal changer which is connected to all his pedals on the board. the rocktron can the be programmed to any number of combinations of his existing pedal setup. Its a shame that the POD can do this the same way, and you have to load a separate FX each time you want to assign it to a FS. Ideally it would be good to be able to assign your distortion to a FS and then on another FS assign the same distortion with your delay. Having only 8 effects in your block is becoming an issue. Once you assign a Vol and a Wah only leaves 6.
  2. I am having a similar problem. if you have in your FX block - delay distortion and a reverb. Can you only assign these to a footswitch once. I am trying to assign the distortion to 4 different FS. FS1 - dist, FS2 dist and delay, FS3 dist and reverb and FS4 have all three. is this possible or do you need to have a separate distortion in the effect block each time you want to assign it to a FS?
  3. I am having a similar problem. If you have in your block of FX the following - delay, chorus, dist, and reverb. With regard to assigning these FX to footswitches(FS). Can you assign the one Effect to multiple FS or can only assign the FX to one FS? for example can you say. FS1 dist, FS2 - dist chorus, FS3 Chorus delay, FS 4 Dist Delay Chorus etc etc. Thanks
  4. Thanks Uber Guru, I will look into this a bit more. On another note, I need some info on assigning FX to footswitches. Can you assign one effect pedal to multiple footswitches. The reason I ask I. Say I have distortion, delay and a chorus in the block. Can you have the distortion on FS1, the same dist with the delay on FS2 and then all of them on FS 3. When using HD edit software is appears that you need to have separate distortion in the fx block to do this? Your thoughts.... thanks
  5. The main problem with not being able to switch channels is that it forces you to work in the virtual/software world and not working the dials of the amp. This is important when playing live and making changes 'on the fly'. As it stands when switching between 2 presets you can change sounds but then you have to save the change it hard to know exactly where you are with your settings. As opposed to just working with the dials on the amp and just switching back and forth from A to B you can see on the front of the amp where you are. I am currently using an external footswitch to change channels and using the pod in the loop. That way you are just using the natural sounds of the amp and using the pod for effects only...sounds great but you have to tap-dance a bit.
  6. I guess that is what I am asking. Because I cant see what those built in settings are in the DT50 standalone. If I did, I could set up the right preamp, amp and cab settings as you have suggested on the POD and make the DT50 sound the same as it does standalone. Appreciate your help on this issue. Do you know where we can find these exact settings to dial on the pod? Or can you see the settings when you use the DT50 edit software some guys have been talking about?
  7. Currently using a DT50 with a pod hd 500. But when you plug straight into the DT50(no pod) and call up the modern hi gain it sounds unreal. and I just want to know the settings to use on the pod to recall these voicings. Is it possible?
  8. can anyone tell me the exact factory preset settings in the DT50. When you connect a HD 500 it take over as the driver for the amp. What amp and cab settings do you use to get the same factory preset voicing settings on DT50; classic American clean British crunch Class A chime modern hi gain
  9. but what pre amps are they and what cab do you select on the pod hd to make it sound the same as the following ones out of the box. classic American clean british crunch class A chime modern hi gain
  10. I agree that the sounds of the DT50 are awesome. As soon as you connect the pod HD500 and try and emulate the same sounds. British Clean American HiGain I cant find the same settings. Does anyone know how to do this? At the moment I am using and external foot switch to change channels and L6 connection for POD for effects only (no amp sim)
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