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  1. In this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RuZurmlRlUM at 26:02, it is mentioned that the Line 6 Link port can be used to connect to DT amplifiers. Could any one clarifiy? It's widely known that the Helix will not natively control the topology of DT amps, but can we still use the Line 6 Link port to send audio to the amp? ​
  2. astrahle

    Helix Demo Videos

    So nice to see all those DT amps strewn about, but hmmm... let's not integrate them with the Helix...
  3. astrahle

    Helix FAQ

    As exciting as the Helix is, it sounds like support for the DT series amp is not in your road map which is very disappointing. I have three DT50s and the tight intergration between Pod HD, Variax, and DT amp have been stellar. Not to mention - the beauty of an adaptable real tube amp. Now, with no direct integration between DT series amps and Helix (rather, some hotchpotch midi workaround) the value of my dream rig is a ticking time bomb as it's key features of integration depend on a particular technology item that shall be significantly outdated (Pod HD). Please do not alienate and leave a large number of your customers who've previously bought at least three pieces of your equipment to have a DT series based dream rig in the dark. Should this happen, I for one will be lost as a Line 6 customer. I'm certain many others may feel the same. Concerned, Ashley Strahle
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