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  1. I came to exactly the same conclusion!
  2. So I can choose the 'Vox Snap' for example, and it should give me a authentic sounding "Clean Vox tone" for beatles, queen, some country stuff, etc... a "Crunchy Vox" for those types of tunes, and heavier overdriven Vox, etc... all with adjustable volume (via the footswitch) and some basic but crucial stomps. Hi Geno, Can you share your Vox Preset? I'm looking for a good 60's sounding Beatles, Searchers, Shadows etc tone. I found your Tweed Cln invaluable for use in my band.. Cheers John
  3. shaker

    HX Edit

    You will need to update the editor as the older version does not recognise the new pedals or amps
  4. You don't need a POD to change the Topology, it can be done through DT edit, but the Twin model should be much louder by default
  5. It's ridiculous! The Twin is a big loud amp yet the Line 6 model is tiny and quiet! I ended up using the Bassman model on topology II to boost the volume up....
  6. I agree completly, 2.1 sounded very thin and artificial compared to the earlier versions!
  7. Could be the power supply to the OD causing it to whine, can you run it on a battery or another power supply to see if this alleviates the problem?
  8. Whereabouts in Australia are you? Turramurra music in Sydney organised a line6 repair for me a little while ago. Last time I checked the closest official repairman in Australia was 1000 km away - so can't send it there given y time restraints. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  9. You should never ever switch on a valve amp without the speaker plugged in!!
  10. You can't change channels on the DT-50 with the HD500
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