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  1. JerryWawak

    Does anyone else miss the 'save' button?

    Had I not already known that was where the save button used to be, I would not have known the current button was the save button. I agree with the OP.
  2. JerryWawak

    Helix Ideascale Community Submissions

    I am currently using 8 snapshot mode. If I need to go to stomp box mode I switch over with the edit button. I like the idea of having snapshots and stomps on the same page, but why does it have to be 4 and 4? Instead of being restricted to all presets being either 4 snap/4 stomp or 8 snapshots, why can't we just assign snaps OR stomps to each footswitch on the same page? For example Preset 1 would have 3 snapshots and 5 stomps, while preset 2 would have 6 snapshots and 2 stomps. https://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/Snap-Stomp/932793-23508#idea-tab-comments I accidently uploaded it more than once. oops.
  3. JerryWawak

    2.60 Update reveb Adustment questions

    Is there a uniform/linear adjustment that can be made to the mix and or decay that would bring them back to what they were before. in other words, do I decrease the mix by 50% of what it was or drop the decay by 20%? I know I can do it with my ears, but if there were a number to get me close it would make it much easier. Luckily I just bought my HELIX a couple weeks ago, so I don't have hundreds of patches to adjust. P.S. For the most part, my update went without too many hick ups. A couple of patches required me to re-upload them from the computer because they were not responding correctly. One patch in particular somehow got the amp deleted. I had uploaded it the night before and was messing with it, but after the update I noticed there was no amp. When I went to re-install it, it still had no amp. I have no clue how this would happen.
  4. Why not just ad a Gain Block as the first block in your chain? Set it to lower the DB of the hotter pickups if you want to clean it up.
  5. JerryWawak

    HX Effects - 6 Snapshot Mode

    why do we have to chose? I wish snaps and stomps could just go where we put them. It would be nice to have 6 stomps and 2 snaps on one preset and 3 stomps and 5 snaps on another.
  6. JerryWawak

    more than 6 effects ?

    Go to global settings and change it from 4snap/4stomp to 8 snap. Then you hit the edit and toggle back and forth between 8 stomp and 8 snap
  7. JerryWawak

    Helix Pedal board ideas please!!

  8. JerryWawak

    G10 Power Supply?

    I just had to submit a warranty claim on mine because the female jack is loose and won't keep a constant connection. It failed on me mid song last Sunday. You have to wiggle the wire to get it to connect and then it looses connection randomly. Needs a much more robust connection than a mini USB.