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  1. Big "Thumbs Up" :D for fixing "Ghost Notes" on altered tunings!! Any and All improvements to the general sound, stability & quality of the altered tunings would be a HUGE improvement for me. These tunings are a large part of why I was interested in the Variax in the first place, and if bad notes are bleeding through the signal, they're completely unusable. :angry:
  2. Thanks for the reply. I was beginning to think my Variax was deffective (still not positive it isn't). I tried reloading (re-flashing) current firmware but still the same. I've listened through headphones, and on some altered tunings, it sounds OK, on others not so good. I haven't recorded to a DAW yet, so that will be next. Also maybe re-flashing to a previous version. I may have to open up a support ticket if I find the DAW test confirms what I am hearing through headphones.
  3. I was looking around the forum trying to find more info, resources, and opinions on the "Ghost Note" issue we've been discussing. In another thread I saw a reference to a procedure to reset one or all of the alternate tunings on a variax. This is out of Rev.E of the Variax Pilots guide (2013). It sounded like it might be a good way to eliminate possible problems with the alternate tunings. The procedure in the guide is: To Reset one or all of the Alternate Tuning presets: First, set the Pickup Selector Switch to it’s middle position, then press and hold the Guitar Model Selector knob while you plug in a 1/4†cable to power up the guitar. Your Guitar Model Selector LED and Alternate Tuning LED will both flash red. Switch the Alternate Tuning knob/roller to any new position - the Guitar Model Selector knob will no longer be lit. To restore all Alternate Tunings, now select MODEL on the Alternate Tuning knob. To restore only 1 preset, select the desired tuning on the Alternate Tuning knob. Once you’ve made your selection, press and hold the Guitar Model Selector knob. Guitar Model Selector knob will flash red, rapidly 3 times, indicating all 10 Alternate Tunings or 1 selected Alternate Tuning are now restored to factory settings. Guitar will now return to normal operation. I tried doing this several times, but absolutely nothing happens. No lights flash or even light up. I believe I was doing the procedure exactly as stated. Is this procedure obsolete? Should my Variax respond to this? Has anyone successfully done this?
  4. Excellent work! This is really a great way to record the parameters by model. Thanks!
  5. Yes, very good idea. I will double check things to get my facts straight when I get home tonight, and will open a support ticket so they know about it.
  6. I am a new Variax (59) and HD500X user. I bought the variax mostly for the guitar emulations and alternate tunings. All the alternate tunings sounded pretty good in the store. When I got the Variax set up at home, it was at ver 1.7. I updated it to the current version (2.0), and now I have the same problem you have described. Pretty much makes any alternate tuning it happens on useless. Absolutely can't have the original non-altered notes bleeding through. In my case it is definately NOT the acoustic sound of the strings, the original notes are being amplified through the system somehow. I barely know how to use the Variax workbench yet, but I tried to check if the "Mag Pickup Blend" feature was somehow getting turned on for the alternate tunings, but so far I haven't found that to be the case, but as I said, I don't know my way around that piece of software yet. You are definately not alone on this problem, and I am really looking for a resolution to this as the alternate tunings are important to me. Hope someone finds an answer, or it turns out to be a glitch that gets fixed in an update soon. The "Mag Pickup Blend" is a great feature as it adds a little more realism to the modelled emulations, but absolutely should not happen if using an alternate tuning.
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