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  1. It happens to me all the time. I try to be an idiot at least daily so I can appreciate it when I'm not being idiotic.
  2. That is strange behavior. I will say that in most peoples experience, including mine, you should either make all your changes on HD edit, or on the hardware, but not both at the same time. If you make changes on a patch in HD edit and then change some controls, or use the expression pedal on the HD500, the 2 get "out of sync" and you can get some pretty strange results. You should in general do all of your changes in HD edit, then save the patch before changing any controls on the hardware. You should actually avoid touching anything on the hardware until you save the patch in HD. I'm not sure I ever had HD Edit freeze up as you have. I'm not sure if that is a separate issue or not, but try editing without touching the hardware at all and see if that helps.
  3. I just got a reply from Line 6 on my support ticket related to this issue. Their reply was: "Thanks for reporting back. Continue using the 'Remind Me Later' button to use the software if this message pops up. I will alert our web developers about this." So, Line 6 is aware of it, and is working on it, but their workaround for now is to hit the "Remind me Later" button, and ignore the error. Hopefully they'll get it sorted out soon. For me at least, it doesn't prevent me from doing anything - everything works normally after ignoring the error message, so not a major issue.
  4. Gutentag! I have the same issue. I reloaded everything & still no change. I have a service ticket I opened for a previous issue & I mentioned this to Line 6. They asked me to send them screenshots of the monkey page & the "Registration" error message, which I haven't done yet. I will send them tonight & let you know (on this thread) if & when I hear something from them. In the meantime, I think you can just ignore that message & click "Register Later", and everything else should work as before.
  5. Mine has them too. I'm guessing they are knockout holes (like on an electrical junction box) for the old style footswitches. They would have popped those out to attach (screws) the footswitches from the bottom. They probably had a lot of metal enclosures left over from when they used the bigger switches, and saw no reason not to use them.
  6. If you make a change to any JTV model, any patch that calls that model specificly (not set to "Do Not Force") will use the changed model stored on your JTV. It doesn't matter if it is called by a "Factory" or a "User" HD500 patch. The guitar model, changed or unchanged, depending on whether you modified it & stored it on the JTV or not, is stored on the JTV itself, not the HD500.
  7. Yeah, I am getting the same issue with my Line 6 HD500X, and JTV-59. This started happening when line 6's servers stopped responding last week. Now Monkey sees the server, but it tells me My products aren't registered, when in fact, they are. If I do try to register, thinking that it will reset this behavior, it sends me to my "Registered Devices" page from my Line 6 account, where my devices are all listed as registered? It probably doesn't matter, but it is annoying that it tells you you're devices aren't registered when they are. Is there a fix for this? should I re-load all Line 6 apps?
  8. That's true. You'll hear the initial attack of the mags, and it will mask any latency of the modeled sound, but as Post #4 stated, you can't do this and use ANY altered tunings, or it will sound terrible. You'd have to be real careful about which models you do this on & what patches or tunings you use them for. I do like the sound of the mags mixed in for some sounds. If you don't use alternate tunings, or you don't on specific models, it's not really an issue. You can also do this without adding the mags to a specific model in WB, on a patch basis by using input 1 set to "Variax" and input 2 set to "Variax Mags", and avoid having the mags mixed into a model by default. If you wanted to mix the proportion of model to mags, you'd really have to have them separated on a dual path patch.
  9. I suggest you go to Vguitarforums. That site has lots of information on virtual guitar rigs, and MIDI, and particularly Roland MIDI guitar interfaces. I'm sure you will find what you're looking for there. http://www.vguitarforums.com/smf/index.php
  10. Hey Chalky65, Thanks for passing this on! B) I will try it tonight.
  11. Try opening monkey, and updating the "USB Firmware" - NOT the audio drivers or device firmware. It may be the USB driver specifically that is giving you problems. Also Line 6 was having server issues that prevented Monkey from being able to connect to the Line ^ servers. I think that has been fixed, because I am now able to connect like before. The connection problem is a separate issue from any problems you have on your local system, but it was preventing anyone from being able to update & fix them.
  12. Yeah, that does take a while to load. Would be nice in a way if you could selectively load only one bank, or just one or more models that you want to work on. I seldom want to work on more than one or two at a time, usually in the same bank. I usually run a regular guitar cable into some monitors so I can listen to the changes I'm making in real time. It would be very time consuming to go in and out of workbench to check the sound after each little adjustment.
  13. I didn't hear anything like that from Line 6, and I submitted a support ticket for this problem. As I said in a previous post, I was able to connect again as of last night. There are a few strange things though - monkey shows I have later version of the Variax editor than it has listed as the latest available. Also, the Variax HD (Editor) doesn't show up at all in the list, even though it's loaded & operational - I don't actually remember if it showed up on that list before the service interruption. What folder exactly are you talking about here? I also use a Mac. Is there a "Monkey" folder under the "Line 6" folder in the "Applications" folder? Or is the folder you're referring to in a different location???
  14. line 6 was having some kind of server issue in the last week or so and previously monkey could not connect to the server for updates. I just tried monkey, and it did connect this time. Maybe the server connection problem is fixed now. I don't know if the connection problems had anything to do with devices not being recognized, but try connecting through monkey again. Maybe it will now recognize your hardware. You should be able to re-install the flash memory now (I hope).
  15. I just tried monkey, and it did connect this time. Maybe the server connection problem is fixed now. Try it again.
  16. I just tried monkey, and it did connect this time. Maybe the server connection problem is fixed now. Try it again.
  17. I just tried monkey, and it did connect this time. Maybe the server connection problem is fixed now. Try it again.
  18. I just tried monkey, and it did connect this time. Maybe the server connection problem is fixed now. Try it again.
  19. I didn't hear back from line 6 yet (actually they responded & asked for some information, but they haven't offered a solution), but I just tried monkey, and it did connect this time. Maybe the server connection problem is fixed now. Try it again.
  20. Lots of users are having the same problem. I opened a support ticket for this & sent screenshots of the error message & monkey window to Line 6 support. They are apparently having some kind of server issue. Until they get it solved, you won't be able to update, but you should be able to run with your current firmware. Hopefully, they will get it solved soon. If I find out anything I will try to post it here.
  21. Welcome aboard pastor! Congratulations on your new '69. I have a '59 that I bought recently & I really like playing it. Hope you have a positive experience with yours. As far as the strings, I did put 11's on my 59. I play mostly electric, but some acoustic as well. I was very interested in the acoustic emulations of the Variax JTV's and also the altered tunings, and although I like bending strings on electric for lead lines, I think the larger diameter strings you can handle, the better tone you will have. That being said, I put the 11's on my '59 mostly to get closer to the feel of a real acoustic, and hopefully to give more body to the acoustic emulations. You can just go ahead and re-string the guitar with any gauge you want, but if it was adjusted for really light gauge strings, and you put really heavy ones on, the neck may need a slight adjustment, and the intonation (bridge saddles) might also need adjusting. Going from 10's to 11's is not a great change - you might not need either. You would have to try it and if it seems to intonate well, you don't have to do anything. If it seems like it doesn't play in tune as well, you may need to have it adjusted by a local luthier if you aren't comfortable doing it yourself. As far as the acoustic sounds, I am still learning how to get the best sounds, but in general, I thing I am getting pretty good results. A lot depends on the patch you're using, and what you're using to amplify it. For instance, The acoustic sounds from my JTV initially did not sound great, but I was struggling with how to properly set up acoustic patches on the HD500X, and I was running it into a regular guitar amp for amplification. Not the greatest for JTV acoustic sounds IMHO. I did get better results running the output into an audio interface (TC Electronic Impact Twin) and then into a pair of powered studio monitors I have (Presonus Eris 8's). The acoustic sounds were pretty good, but some mid gain or higher electric sounds not as good. I broke down and bought a Line 6 L2T powered speaker, and I think I'm getting very good sound for both acoustic & electric tones now. So a lot depends on your equipment, how it's set up, and if you're using the HD500, you're patches. It just takes a little time to learn to adjust everything to get the sounds you're after. I think you can and will get really good acoustic sound, maybe not as good as your Martin acoustic, but very usable & more versatile, in time. By the way, I used to have a guitar that I installed an "Earvana" nut on - very similar to the Buzz Feiten system. I really thought that was a great modification. It really helped resolve some of the tuning system anomolies on the guitar. I may have to look into doing something like that on my '59 some day.
  22. Yes, this is the same error message I have seen. If you look on the upper portion of Monkey's window, you will probably see a message that says "Monkey can not connect to the Line 6 server" or something like that. They (Line 6) have been having some kind of server problem recently. I have seen no notice officially from them about this though.
  23. That's a good question, but I'm not sure what you can read into that. I own a 59, which is a great guitar, and I am very happy with, but I can't speak for the 89 model. If these are predominately hard tails, maybe some people sold them to get the trem version which came out later. I don't suppose MF or GC will specifically why a particular guitar was returned. Probably wouldn't be in their best interest to be overly honest. You might call and ask them though.
  24. Looks like the Line 6 Ideascale page is back up. I looked to see if someone posted a request for this issue. There is one, which you may want to vote for ("Agree with") to show how many people would like this feature. I can only assume that Line 6 uses the results of the ideascale site to help decide what enhancements/new features to work on for updtaes & new products. You might want to register on Line 6's ideascale site and vote for this: http://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/POD-HD-Copy-Paste-Settings/509095-23508
  25. I guess the method in posts #3 & #4 are the best method that's available for now. Thanks guys! B) Beats keeping settings in a spreadsheet. I went to check if a product improvement request was posted for this issue in "Line6 Ideascale", but I can't get on that site. Seems that Line 6 is having server issues right now.
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