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  1. Thanks all, Your info got me in the right area to figure it out. Once I got into the controller assign stuff I realized I needed to set the controller for the Wah as the toe switch. You would think that would be automatic wouldn't you?
  2. Steelmaster

    Wha Stuff

    When I add a Wha or Wah to my effects string it changes the sound even though I haven't engaged the toe switch. How can I add it to my string and have it off until I hit the toe switch?
  3. I used to be an elitist, and thought modeling was crap. I now feel that once the drummer starts playing, what does it matter. I dig my 500X, it makes my life much easier.
  4. Thanks silverhead, I needed to do an update on my Variax. All is well now.
  5. I just started trying to set up some sounds using a Variax 500 connected to my 500X using an RJ45 connector. Using a laptop running Edit. I set the sound on the Variax and then set up some effects etc. I know I have to go to the Mixer section to set up what sound I want on my Variax. I do all that and then save it to the 500X, but it is not retaining the Variax settings, when I go back to checking the sound it has whatever sound is set on the actual Variax. Is this one of those things were I need to plug in the 1/4" jack to the Variax to set it to save information? Thanks in advance.
  6. I got mine on Amazon for about $11US with the shipping. I might cut mine down to 6" X 8" in size though. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1933622865/ref=oh_details_o00_s00_i00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  7. I'm coming up quick on 60 years old and being pretty tall the small display on the 500X was a little hard to see quickly on stage. I rigged up this sheet magnifier and some old mic stand parts and now I can see.
  8. Mine was like that too. I'm just going with it, it seems to work fine.
  9. Thanks arislaf, I though I was going crazy. There is no description box using my Mac or my Samsung tablet. I'll have to get a browser that will let me use it. Thanks again, Bill
  10. That's the problem, there is no description, that's what I'm trying to add.
  11. I had no trouble uploading, but I can't figure out how to add description?
  12. I need to figure out how to simulate the 12 string tone Steve Howe gets on And You And I from the Yessongs album. I just need effects settings for my 500X, I don't use the amp simulation features yet. I've got a doubleneck Epiphone that nails it; but it weighs a ton, and I'm trying to use as few guitars as possible on this gig. Thanks in advance.
  13. Does anyone remove the pre-programmed Line 6 presets and just save their own? Also is their a global way to delete all of them?
  14. Thanks to both of you. Now I guess I'm shopping for a Variax ;~)
  15. If I have a Variax plugged into my 500X, can I program guitar model changes on the Variax just by hitting a preset ?
  16. It's gonna take a full blown meltdown of my Pro Reverb before I consider anything else on stage amp wise. It's been in steady use by me since '76. Not too big into the Variacs either, they need a style makeover. How about a Steve Howe model like the one they made for him that is 335 shaped, I'd buy that?
  17. Took my new 500X to practice last night and Wow. I am using it as an effects unit only and plugging into my Blackface Pro Reverb. This is one great sounding effects unit, and the ability to program set lists is the best thing of all for me. I'm playing in a Yes Tribute Band and if you know that music, you know just how much is expected from a guitar rig. I couldn't find many Yes patches and the ones I did were not very useful for me. I hunkered down and programmed my own and so far so good. The only tweak I need to do, is raise the volume on one setting. By putting the 500X in my rig I am eliminating two amps, a big pedal board, two analog delays and approximately 21 cords ranging from 3" to 20' ; that's 42 plugs that could go bad. Just my amp rig alone would fill my car, so that left no room for the 6 or 7 guitars I nedd for this gig. This is going to make my life much simpler.
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