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  1. Thanks codamedia, I think your method may be the way to go. Is there a way to use an expression pedal to merge from one preset to another one?
  2. I play in a Yes Tribute band and there is one part where I am in a preset using my lap steel with a lot of echo and I need to quickly change presets to my Variax with a Leslie effect. I really need the trail of the last steel note to hang on even though I am changing presets. Can it be done, or is the Helix the only way to accomplish this easily? I might have to make a preset with both the steel and the Variax on at the same time and just switch the effects with trails on and not change presets. I thought I was done programming this show a year ago. Oh well.
  3. Will the Helix LT communicate and operate changes on a Variax 500?
  4. I am having extremely good luck using an Ampeg B115 bass amp. I took out the piezo tweeter to avoid shrillness and digital cracking. It has great thump and knock if you know what I mean. It's a little bit on the heavy side and being a kind of cube it's weird getting into a small car. I'm seriously thinking of getting a 15" Neo speaker to knock off some of the weight. Try one, I think you will love it.
  5. I've been using a 500X for a couple years now. I had to quit playing for a while because of my back and other arthritis complications but I'm stating up again. The problem now is, I sold my 1966 Pro Reverb and the only amp I had to play through is a 1960's Silvertone 1482 combo. A great amp for pedals, but not so great for the 500x. I've been searching for something to use for less than $1600 (what another '66 Pro would cost) so just for the fun of it: I hauled my Ampeg 100 watt combo bass amp over and plugged into it. Very, very promising except there was a harshness on some notes when I was doing the lap slide stuff. I yanked the grill cloth off and discovered to my complete surprise there is a Piezo type tweeter. I pulled that sucker out of there, put a 100 watt heat sink resistor load on and WOW!! sounds better than my old Pro reverb and it's FREEEEEE!!!!!
  6. Be sure to monitor your recordings (where you plug in your headphones) from the recording device. If you plug your headphones into the 500X and then expect the recording to sound like that, it will never happen.
  7. Steelmaster

    What fun

    I've had my 500X close to a couple years now and this tool still amazes me. I recently quit the band I was in because of arthritis problems. I've slowly started playing again for fun and this morning I plugged headphones in for the first time. What a great sound, and the ability to practice without waking everyone is priceless. I'm finding it very useful for fine tuning sounds and setting balances between pre-sets. LOVE IT! If I could find a sound system that could come close to replicating the sounds I'm getting in my good headphones, I would be thrilled.
  8. I originally got my 500X to make my live stuff easier to deal with. The band I was in did a lot of songs that would use multiple guitars, effects and complete soundscape changes in a single song. My arthritis has gotten so bad that live playing is not in my future anymore. I decided to set up my home studio and do some recording so I hooked up my 500X just to see how it works as a recording device. WOW!! I am impressed. I think it will be an even more useful tool for me as a recording interface. Just for fun, I wanted to get a Return To Forever vibe going for a song and by the time I was done tweaking, I had a useful Al DiMeola sound on my left and a unison Stanley Clarke sound on my right. What fun.
  9. I came to the same conclusion recently. I can buy a back up 500X and a nice laptop to program them at gigs for what a Helix would cost.
  10. Steelmaster


    I just want to say how much I love my 500x. It seems the forums are always complaining and bitching about what's not there. I want to say, what a great tool, that makes my life much easier. I've been wanting to switch to the Helix, but I had a long talk with myself yesterday and it was decided the 500X does what I need, and does it well.
  11. Got an email from Musicians Friend that said 10/12/15
  12. Military issue leg restraints. Tough too.
  13. Kinda hard to see it but I've mounted my 500x with my wireless receiver in an old fender steel guitar case. I'm running into a 1972 Pro Reverb with an old Fender 2 x 12 for when I need more umph.
  14. You know a good designer would have included a built in receiver for the newer Line 6 wireless transmitters. For $1500 it needs a little bit more than just a color display.
  15. I took over my wife's older laptop for just that purpose. I've downloaded the new Edit, Drivers, Monkey etc. but I'm afraid to hook it up and re-flash it. I'll work up the nerve soon.
  16. Cool, I'll try that next time. I'm wearing my buttons out.
  17. I just want to say how much I love my 500X. It makes my life much easier. I do all the guitar stuff in a Yes Tribute Band and let me tell you there are a lot of dramatic changes needed during each song and the 500X lets me get it done. My only problem is I have a very elaborate set list programmed and every time the band decides to change the order of songs, I need to spend hours manually re-assigning presets into their new slots. LOTS of work. Is there any way to do this easier with Edit?
  18. I play guitar in a Yes Tribute Band and I've gotten my 500X programmed to the point that I only needed three of the Gigwrx labels. They arrived very quickly and they are just what I need to help identify those switches quick and easy. Thanks Gigwrx
  19. I was afraid of that, thanks for the quick answer.
  20. Is there any way to adjust the speed of the leslie effects other than just slow or fast? The fast speed is a little too fast for me.
  21. Has anyone tried using their 500X as an interface for Jamkazam yet? If so, how was the latency?
  22. Is there any way to edit my 500x using an ipad? I know there is no USB port and I see no apps for the 550X, but is there a work around?
  23. I'm with you. I use a Leslie 825 in my full rig, but I have to put up with the lackluster simulation in the 500X when I don't have room. As they say, once the drummer kicks in, what does it matter ;~)
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