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  1. I'm with you here. I tried both Guitar/Same and Guitar/Aux input settings. I settled for Guitar/Same. I'm happier with my patches this way and I don't really hear the comb filtering.
  2. Had my unit for about two months now. This happens to me occasionally, too. Kind of relieved, and worried at the same time, that my problem is not unique. The switches are responsive on effects switching all the time so it doesn't seem to be a physical problem.
  3. rnsanchez

    Firmware 2.61

    What's included? Any issues? Should I update now or just wait for 2.62
  4. rnsanchez

    Why Global EQ?

    I use the Global EQ when I'm tweaking or coming up with new patches at home. My current speakers are not FRFR and I compensate for that, and the boominess of my living room, via the Global EQ. I've compared enough how the patches sound in my living room and in most live situations so I have a general idea which frequencies to boost or cut. For live gigs, Global EQ would be off. I leave the fine equalization of the venue to the sound guy, Im fortunate enough to have one every gig.
  5. Hi, sorry for the stupid question. Does LVM mean Low Volume Mode and is this feature unique only to the DT series amps?
  6. You're right, some of the patches, like "Mic'ed Vocal' for instance, won't work with the guitar because the input signal for those come from the mic input.
  7. Thanks! I'm glad to know it's not my ears.
  8. Yeah, so far I'm getting the mixes. I was just asking because the norm with other delay units, even the old PodFarm, I was used to working with was equal levels dry and effect/repeats at 50%. I was curious whether this was how Line 6 implemented on the HD series.
  9. Hi, everyone. Newbie HD500X user here. I've spent the last couple of days programming patches and I use a lot of delays a la U2's The Edge. I noticed that I have to set the delay mix to around 60% so that I get the same levels as the dry signal and the repeats, at least with the analog and digital delays. Anyone noticed this as well or are my ears deceiving me?
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