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  1. THANK YOU !!! Yes, either holding ALT (Option on MAC) , or Right-Click on the parameter display a new menu option; which includes Snapshots as a controller option. The text in my Helix Native turns WHITE when the parameter is assigned to Snapshots (I assume to indicate to the user that it is now being controlled). I have been looking everywhere for the answer to this - thanks again mrmichaelgibson and kylotan for posting.
  2. MadMax, no incompatible driver messages here, and my Gearbox patches can be edited/saved as per normal (as prior to upgrade). I am running Gearbox v3.72.0 (which I believe was the final release) with the Line-6 driver ( v7.3.8). Seems the difference is that you have the POD X3 Pro, I have the UX2. I did notice that under Gearbox / View / Hardware Info it states : USB Connected: YES Driver: Not Installed <----- seems odd ? but its thankfully working anyway ESN: 01523716 USB Firmware: v1.01 Maybe slightly off-topic - I still have an issue that Gearbox (v 3.72.0) will not save its preferences and always launches with the default "American Punk" patch. Just an annoyance rather than functional issue, but I had this on Mavericks, so it is not related to upgrading to El Capitan. I have checked the app preferences and I definitely have Read & Write.
  3. Just Updated to EL Capitan v10.11.1 and my sound magically all fixed now. Using the same Line-6 driver ( v7.3.8) I already had installed previously - on MacBook Pro / TonePort UX-2 in Logic 9 and also Gearbox. Back in business... appears it was an Apple issue.
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