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  1. Cool, thanks guy, looks like it's working now. I was hoping it was just some setting or reset I had to do. Happy T-Day!
  2. Updated tonight from 2.6 to 3.0. Everything seemed fine but when I go to Snapshot mode (pressing bank up and down at same time) and hit a different Snapshot it goes right back to the original Patch. I'm hoping it's just some stupid thing I've forgot to set, it's been a couple months since I've used it, but I can't figure it out. When I press the bank buttons all of my Snapshots for the patch show up and all are flashing, but choose one and it goes back to the Patch. Thanks for any help!
  3. Just now saw it, anybody else? Happy Holidays, JPM
  4. Yep. I've got it figured out already though. Looks like an ID 10 T error, lol. In some global setting or something I had to set the Bank switches to Manually go back to Presets, too hard to explain here. I will if someone else has the problem, but will skip that for now. As far as the naming of the Snapshot, I did hit OK when I renamed it, BUT I failed to save the Preset after that. All seems fine now. Jon
  5. I upgraded from 2.00 to 2.3 today, seemingly with no problems. Now I can't get the Snapshots to "load" when I hit a Snapshot button/switch. I have it set so when I step on the Bank Up and Bank Down switches simultaneously it goes into Snapshot mode. They are flashing when I get there and when I hit a Snapshot it switches to whatever Preset would have been assigned to that button. I renamed one of the Snapshots and when I went out and back into that Preset, the Snapshot name wasn't saved. (Yes, I hit OK after renaming it). I can select the Snapshots from where you would rename them, just not with the switches. Anybody else encounter this? Thanks for any advice! Jon
  6. JonnyPM

    Helix case/bag

    I have this: https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/M80PedalTour
  7. JonnyPM

    Helix and L2T

    ^^^ What he said. I have a JTV89F, Helix and L2T and I haven't touched the global EQ once. IRs all the way and it sounds killer.
  8. Do you mean, "Where do I Strat this project?" Took two reads to even figure out you're talking about a Strat, not a Start.
  9. Going out on a limb here, are you running active pick-ups? If so, how is the battery?
  10. 3 is three speakers, 2 is two speakers. M is simply a monitor, so L2m is a two-speaker monitor. T means it has a built in mixer and some other doodads that are kinda cool. HTH (means Hope that Helps) Ha.
  11. Badge from Eric Clapton's Goodbye Album. Played by George Harrison.
  12. If you even change the position of the expression pedal, it will show E. If you have a Variax and change anything on it, Helix will show the E. Just don't hit Save.
  13. ^ What he said about Sonic Maximizers... Awesome contraptions.
  14. My Helix application will not find the Helix if the Updater is still open. Once I close the updater and restart the Application, all is fine. HTH.
  15. Snapshot one would then be your default.
  16. This is why Helix snapshots and a Variax make me shake my head thinking "Crazy how cool this set up is." Unbelievable really.
  17. You can also contact Glenn directly and he will probably help you too.
  18. I'm running into the L2t and it sounds great. It's got to be a setting somewhere. Is your speaker set to PA/Reference? What output signal are you using? Did you try ALL of Glenn's patches? They are different and some sound bassier than others. Some sound great with no tweaking and some need a little. His Bogner patch is one that I didn't tweak at all and liked it. Are you using a regular guitar (not a variax)? Give me as much info as you can and we'll see if we can get through this. Don't start tweaking EQs and stuff yet, I haven't touched my global eq once, so it's not going to be a "block" setting. Most responses will be to tweak the crap out of the thing.
  19. Yes indeed! I'm so glad I updated.
  20. It will be well worth the wait! Crazy awesome guitar. Plays like a dream and the black is killer.
  21. I also sympathize with the OP, I didn't find hardly any preset usable "out of the box." But I have yet to experience the harshness and tinnyness people mention with the Helix or HD500. I did have that experience with a Boss GT-8, but managed to eek out some decent patches using the 4CM with that though. If every single patch sounds bad, then it's a connection or setting that is bad, not the unit.
  22. Anything that sounds tinny or harsh is the result of an incorrect setting or switch. When set up right there is nothing even remotely tinny or harsh and therefore there shouldn't be any crazy tweaking and additional effects set up to get rid of the unfavorable sound in the first place. It's cabling or a global output setting or something not set correctly (sorry, don't know what specifically though). I've ran it straight to a PA using 1/4" out and straight to an L2T using the Link and it's amazing. I do have nice tube amps and nice pedals, so I have something to compare it to, although I have not ran the Helix into any form of amp. Same with the HD500, never had a problem with tones. In fact, a guy on Craigslist here had an ad to help him get tones out of his HD500, I answered and he came over and we dialed it up exactly like my settings and Viola, instant happiness. Of course we have patches we can swap, but it seems the problems might be settings "outside" of patches. Just my two cents. This thing is killer and it's too bad that people think about sending them back when it's most likely a user error in the way it's set up.
  23. Cool! I've got Glenn's patches too and will have to check them more closely. Right now I'm really digging his Bogner patch. Good songs, I'd like to see you guys.
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