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  1. Just a good shielded instrument/line level cable (Not Speaker) will be fine. I use a 12" long one with right angle plugs on each end so it won't be so easy for them to get pulled out of my G30 or HD500X.
  2. Correct, the level difference will be noticeable, but the information going to each of them, using the theory mentioned earlier, will be the same, ie; same effects, same amps, same chain order, etc...
  3. Is it "significantly" lower, or just a bit lower? Normally, this should not be an issue as each signal going out will have input trim applied to it anyway at the input of the mixer. Your XLR's Left & Right will have similar levels respective of each other, but I wouldn't expect that they would be identical to the 1/4" outs. Also, to what are you connecting the 1/4" outs? Are you plugging them into an amp, or another line level unit? Additionally, is the output level switch for those jacks set to "amp" or "line"?
  4. Look up my Crunch/Lead preset in the custom tone page for the HD500X. I use the Uber model exclusively for my crunch/lead sound. There's also a "Morph" preset there that rocks from heel (Clean) to toe (Crunch/Lead) with the expression pedal. More dynamic than just hitting a preset switch.
  5. Pan it to center, and every output jack becomes identical. Try it, trust me. I've done it this way, ran a 1/4" out line level to the loop return of my Carvin AG100D Acoustic Amp, and the other 1/4" direct to the line input of the PA mixer. They both got the same exact signal. Go to the mixer section, pan everything to center, then place the mixer at the end of the signal chain.
  6. Got the site bookmarked, anxiously awaiting! Thanks for posting about this. I like that they are so visible & durable. I pretty much set up my POD the same way on each bank, that way I can tailor presets to songs. The bottom row is in order of clean to crunch, ie; Clean, Tweed, Crunch, Spcl (Special) representing switches FS5, FS6, FS7, FS8. Clean is a Blackface, Tweed is a Bassman, Crunch/Lead is a Bogner Uber. The top row is arranged as follows: FS1-Spcl, FS2-Mod, FS3-Hmny, FS4-Solo "Special" on the top is for special effects that fall outside the norm of the others represented. My Crunch tone has a boost that has a comp/delay so I can use the same preset for leads. "Special" on the bottom row is for "one off" presets that are unique, such as my "Morph" preset that I use to rock from heel "Clean" to toe "Crunch/Lead" more dynamically using the expression pedal. With all of that having been said, I'd like to get some magnetic labels that fit this. I presume that is part of the design process according to your website.
  7. Placing the mixer last is also part of what I do. Thanks for adding what I forgot.
  8. I change the settings in the preset's mixer section to center so that all of the outputs are exactly the same, even when I use dual tones. I am not yet sure how to do this globally, but am interested if anyone has found a way. I was a stereo user for years as I was the only guitarist in my band for a long time, along with keys, and both were produced in stereo. I've found that since switching to a completely mono signal, I can be placed in a mix much more cohesively and there are no more phasing issues to present themselves. This also helps since I write from a 2 guitarist perspective ala "channeling" where each rhythm guitar part lives in its respective space in the mix. We basically have one rhythm guitar left, one rhythm guitar right, solos and overdubs respectively placed during mixdown.
  9. Yup, setting up your output to be completely mono will allow you to connect to multiple reinforcement devices without separating signals or introducing phasing issues. I set my mixer up to be straight down the middle (center). I can send a line out to my amp return (Carvin AG100D) so it hits the power amp only and not the acoustic amps preamp, and it powers the attached cab speaker for me to have a lil feedback sustain. Since it's line level, I can then use the other line level output and go into the line level input of a mixer, or just use either or both xlr's to connect to a snake input. Switching your signal path to be completely mono, even if you're using dual amp mode frequently as I do, will just simplify your set up.
  10. It was Line 6's model of the H3000, so it's still in the box.
  11. I was blessed to have been invited to perform the Star Spangled Banner on the guitar on Friday, August 1st at World Vision USA's annual summer picnic, which was held in the parking lot at our U.S. Headquarters. I used my TFS6 guitar and my Line 6 Pod HD500X. I played it in A major, and the preset that I created uses not one but two separate models of the Eventide H3000 Harmonizer. I used the 1st harmony for a 3rd above activated by Footswitch #2, and the other for a 3rd below activated by Footswitch #3. The amp models used were the Bogner Uberschall. You can download the preset here: http://line6.com/customtone/tone/493052/ and it will work on the HD, HD500, HD500X as far as I know. Enjoy.
  12. I have "Metal Shop" as I purchased it separately after I purchased my XT Live from GC some 8 years ago. Will my license apply to Pod Farm with the UX8 as it currently does with my UX1 that I'm using now?
  13. So, in theory, if I purchase a used UX8, I can basically use the existing version of Pod Farm that I am already using with my UX1? I'm also getting a HD500X soon after I sell my XT Live. Will there be any updated versions of Pod Farm that I'll be able to use with the UX8 that is more current that what I am using now, or will it be basically trading 2 inputs for 8?
  14. I'm concerned that Yamaha may dumb down the L6 technology and hardware. The L6 floor units have been a mainstay in the market place for a long time, and it's mainly because they're good, and therefore appeal to the consumer. It's not like Yamaha has a history of having a foothold in the amp modelling market, so it's difficult to ascertain just how this will effect outcome. I just don't want to see what L6 has accomplished to just fade away. I hope they do indeed operate independently. If anything, perhaps this will afford L6 greater distribution and more manufacturing capability. Maybe this will result in more R&D budget to allow L6 R&D to do what they do best.
  15. Not sure how I feel about this yet. Can potentially be phenominally great! Can potentially be catastrophic. http://www.sweetwater.com/insync/yamaha-acquires-line-6/?utm_source=insync&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=insync-20131227
  16. The backlit footswitches are a God send! Thank you Line 6!
  17. I'm trying to determine if there is a power supply that will support the following configurations: Line 6 POD XT Live + Line 6 G50 Relay Wireless or Line 6 HD500 + Line 6 G50 Relay Wireless. Not necessarily the XT Live AND the HD500.
  18. I have a POD XT Live. I'll eventually upgrade to the HD500. I want to also upgrade from a very old Shure wireless to one of the relay wirelesses. My question then is: Is there an aftermarket power supply that will act as a stand alone power supply to power these mentioned Line 6 products, as well as other NON-Line 6 products? Or better yet, has Line 6 considered making a multi-unit power supply? I hate having to cable tie up the XT Live transformer from the adapter cable, velcro it to my pedal board, also velcro-ing an industrial power strip to my pedal board, and do the same thing to my Shure wireless receiver. I'd like to plug my XT Live or the eventual HD500, along with a relay wireless into one single power supply with discreet cable management, like a Line 6 manufactured VooDoo Labs Pedal Power 2 styled power supply. I tried searching the forums, but came up empty handed.
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