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Found 2 results

  1. Get the New V75-40V Microphone with Earthworks Capsule for Your XD-V75 Digital Wireless System What is it? The V75-40V combines industry-leading Line 6® digital wireless technology with the renowned Earthworks® WL40V premium hyper-cardioid capsule, delivering stunning performance and unmatched sound quality. Premium Sound Quality The Line 6 XD-V system is the only wireless platform that can transmit the stunning sound of the celebrated Earthworks WL40V capsule. The result is the world's most inspiring vocal wireless microphone, providing exceptional clarity, precise response and unmatched sound quality. Earthworks WL40V Capsule Designed to deliver studio-quality performance to the wireless world, the premium hand-tuned and tested capsule from Earthworks deliver features lightning-fast impulse response, high SPL handling and a wide frequency range. The textbook-perfect hyper-cardioid polar pattern provides exceptional clarity and detail. Your vocals have never sounded this amazing. Does the V75-40V have microphone modeling like other Line 6 microphones? No, the V75-40V does not have any microphone modeling on it. When using a Line 6 handheld microphone with the Earthworks WL40V capsule attached, the mic modeling will display "OFF" on the modeling page of the microphone's user interface. Can I use a V75-40V Earthworks capsule on other Line 6 handheld microphones? Yes, the Earthworks WL40V capsule is interchangeable to use on other Line 6 handheld microphones, provided the handheld microphone being used has been updated to firmware version 2.10. Firmware version 2.10 is required for Line 6 handheld microphones to utilize the Earthworks WL40V capsule. Is the V75-40V part of a Line 6 wireless system? The V75-40V with Earthworks WL40V capsule is sold as a separate component from other Line 6 wireless systems. The V75-40V does NOT come with a receiver or power supply to power the receiver. Any customer without a Line 6 wireless system will need these components when purchasing a V75-40V. 24-bit Performance Featuring 24-bit precision, 10Hz–20kHz full frequency response, and wide dynamic range, our digital wireless system transmits the stunning sound of the WL40V with total transparency and accuracy. Clear Visual Status The clear LCD screen provides essential system info at a glance. Select channels and check your battery level—instantly. Tour-Tough Construction With a durable metal body and custom hard-shell touring case, V75-40V is ready for the rigors of the road. How do I get it? Visit your local Line 6 retailer today to check out V75-40V. V75-40V combines industry-leading Line 6® digital wireless technology with the renowned Earthworks® WL40V premium hyper-cardioid capsule—delivering performance previously found only in the highest quality wired studio mics. Features include: Premium Earthworks WL40V capsule Textbook-perfect hyper-cardioid polar pattern for exceptional clarity and detail Crystal-clear, compander-free, 24-bit precision The widest dynamic range of any digital wireless transmitter—118dB Rugged, tour-tough metal body Includes custom hard-shell touring case with soft inner padding Up to 14 channels for maximum flexibility 10Hz–20kHz frequency response Backlit LCD display for fast and easy operation 8 hours battery life with 2 AA batteries Lockout switch to prevent changes during performance Transmitter Naming for identifying transmitters in a multi-system application Compatible with XD-V75, XD-V55, and XD-V35 receivers running v2.0 firmware or later Part number: 98-033-0057
  2. I had an odd issue last weekend with one of my V70 belt-pack systems. I was running three of them plus my new V75 hand-held which I'd just used to update the firmware in all the V70 systems. All in RF1 mode. This particular system had the L6 lav mic attached (I normally use headsets but this particular performer insisted on a tieclip). The system was used on someone else earlier in the show and performed perfectly, but once fitted to this performer, the problem hit. I PFL'ed him just before he went out on stage and all I heard was a loud mains-type hum with some harmonics and a slightly digital quality to it. No wanted audio at all; just this unvarying buzzing. I think the level was lighting up just the bottom segment of the receiver meter. It was far too late at this point to swap anything out but as he projected well, he made it through his act without the mic. As it was a somewhat hectic show followed by a rapid get-out, I didn't have the time to go through any useful troubleshooting to narrow down what the problem might have been; unhelpful I know. I set up the equipment again back at base and couldn't make it misbehave in any way no matter what I did. My best guess was a dodgy connection between mic & belt-pack but no amount of cable flexing and connector wiggling and loosening would produce any issues. The venue was at the bottom of a cliff on the seafront where even mobile phone signals barely made an appearance; with no venue WiFi either, it was the quietest RF environment I've ever worked in. The other systems all worked perfectly throughout; this one was also fine up until that one act. My question therefore (and I know it's a bit of a stab in the dark) has anyone experienced anything like this or can anyone suggest a possible cause?
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