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I managed to buy the worst individual HD500X


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So, last autumn I bought the POD HD500X, thinking it would be all I need for many things, and a solidly built multi-effects pedal to boot. Everything worked fine for about 3 weeks, when the USB firmware suddenly broke. It reset to version 0.0 and after trying all the possible fixes I found here on the forums, I had to send it back to warranty repair. Couple of months later I got it back in working order once more.


Soon after this I had to spend 4 months in a place where I could not bring my instruments or gear (reattatching a tendon), so it was sitting away in the original box, stored away from any moisture or other external factors. When I finally was able to set it up again and start playing, I got about 3 days use out of it and half the display went dark. The pixels all work in what I assume is the pre-power on check, but it only draws on half the display. All this time it had been sitting quietly on the floor, rarely used and definitely not abused in any way. I then took it back to the local music dealer, who sent it off on another warranty repair trip. I have now been waiting 4 months to get it back. Apparently they cannot get a hold of a new screen for it and are still unable to estimate when I might have it back.


I really hate to speak bad things about a company whose products have always worked wonderfully for me, but in this case I must say how truly disappointed I am. For someone who spends most of his extra money for the following 3-4 months on a product that is advertised as the "best", and the "ultimate guitar solution", I expected much more. In the little over a year I have had this device, I have gotten maybe 3-4 weeks of operational time out of it. Recently I have been wanting to sell it, in order to trade it for something a little more reliable and fitting my own style, but all I can do is watch helplessly as the value drops while I wait months to hear more excuses about why they cannot repair it.


I may be alone in thinking this, but it really seems unacceptable. I end up losing whatever little money I can pull together for guitar gear both while spending the majority of my time waiting for it to come back from repairs, and when I do finally get it back and have a chance to sell it, the fact that it keeps breaking down so much, and has spent such a large portion of its existence having to be repaired in the first place will bring down the resale value even more.


I really feel like I got next to nothing in return for my 500€ investment. I have always loved Line 6's products in the past, but I cannot see myself buying one of their products ever again after this fiasco.


Sorry to rant on this way, but I felt others should know. These things can break down even if you literally do nothing wrong with them.


Thank you, Line 6, for all the great things you have done for awesome modelling sounds in the past, but it really hurts a poor person's wallet to have to go through this. Something like 20€ per day for successful operation of the POD HD500X is simply beyond my price range.


Unfortunately I will repeat this story in the reviews of this piece of hardware on the sites that I am a member of. It makes me so sad to see how much money I spent on what is likely the worst piece of hardware in my 25 years of using guitar effects. Not to mention yhow much I lost, seeing as the resale value is likely negligible after this.


Ironically, the local music store, when realizing just how bad this individual POD turned out to be, suggested that they should try to get a refund in the form of a new device altogether since this one obviously can't stay operational even when not powered on, or in use. This, however seems unklikely to ever succeed.


Anyways, if you do get one of these, make sure you get it new so you get the full warranty. My warranty will be used up once they finally manage to procure a display and repair this unit, which might still take several months.

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Definitely a brutal story. Hopefully when you get it back they'll have fixed it properly. I would ask them for a free 1 year extension to your warranty under the circumstances. I think you've just been unlucky, and Line 6 was pretty understanding about these things in the past. Not sure how that would play out now they're part of Yamaha.

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no way this went back to the factory.  Probably to a regional authorized repair shop that is sitting on its duff instead of doing the work.  See the link below for the display and other Line 6 parts.  Open a service ticket with Line 6 direct to see what is going on...

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