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Why Am I Being Prompted for Username and Password ALL THE TIME???


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So I don't log in to the Amlifi software on the iPad all the time. Is it so necessary for Amplifi to forget my username/password, just the same?


Is there a choice to turn it off?


This is illogical. One time is enough. Same iPad, same everything.

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You probably use it more than me, but why should it require more than the first, initial login EVER is what I don't get. No changes have been made to my iPad that should require this added security. Unless I reset everything what is the point? - I honestly feel like I'm being punished for not using the amp more each time I see that Oops message and have to re type the bloody thing.


If anybody in Line6 Devwlopment is reading this, please remove this annoying restriction. I promise I'll practice on my Amplified more.


Thank you.

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The constant request for username/password is the final straw for me !

My son ordered an Amplifi TT as a present for me on Amazon well before Christmas.....due to some manufacturer problem, it arrived about a week ago !! ( Nice huh ? )

Opening the box and finding almost nothing resembling a real manual I plug it in, connect my guitar, cable it to my amp, and turn it on and run through preloaded tones and play with knobs...sounds cool so far, BUT I have to get the app for my iphone ( where are Mac/Windows versions ), OOPPPSSS ! I have to update my ios in order to get app ! That only took about 5 hours to complete not including chat time with apple support.  OOPPPSSS gotta create an account and give credit card info to get the free app ! OK finally done jumping through hoops.....lets fire this puppy up and play....ooopppppss again, gotta create another account to use it....ok done, lets play....iTunes has songs loaded into it, Bluetooth is connected, got guitar and amp connected....lets rock !  Fire up that free app....UGH now I got to update firmware...that will be fast and easy right? OOPPPSS again....REALLY ? 1 hour later and ready to rock ( getting sleepy at this point and son is wishing he got me something else for Christmas...What? No sound except guitar coming through amp, oh yeah gotta adjust blend that aint working, wtf !! Lets try and find help at line6 forums....oh I see, the amp output does not include song ( I should have known that, it was right there on page 2 of the 6 language owners manual ! OOOPPPSS again ) Lets connect headphone output into clean channel of its working, adjust blend knob and play this thing is awesome ( except it sounds like $#it )....ok lets reboot it all and restart........OOPPPSSS username/password needed again.....THANKS LINE6...THINK I"LL STICK WITH BOSS JAM STATION AND DONATE THIS AMPLIFI TT TO A GROUP HOME FOR PEOPLE WHO HAVE NOTHING BETTER TO DO THAN TRY TO DEAL WITH BS !

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Yes, this is an old topic, but the problem still exists on the Amplifi app.
It seems that it has something to do with the fact that you have an internet connection or not, if you change your location or not. Something like that.


It's really rediculous that they cannot program an app that can remember a username/password.

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Not still, but again, started around the same time with the line6 webserver issues/the forum update. 


And more ridiculous is that the app does remember the password/login, but just uses it on first start, but not when it gets the "token expired". That is the really annoying part. And it has nothing to do with location or your internet connection. Just after x-minutes the token is expired and you have to login again. Thankfully not all operations require to be logged-in, but when you want to save a tone or want to use tone-matching it only works when logged in. Even playing locally stored music requires it (but only once, so if you go to my music right after starting the app, you can still access it even when the token has expired). Annoying for sure and made me rate the app in google play accordingly.. Maybe Line6 will react when the rating drops to 2 stars...

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