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List of Patches for Firehawk


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I made this list of Patches even though its in the Firehawk App, so I can take notes on what I like, dislike, want to delete, ect,


So if you are interested feel free to copy it. 


It would be nice if someone could make a spreadsheet from it with parameter list options! 


Bank 1      

  1. HD Rhythm
  2. Lead The Way
  3. American Clean
  4. Ambient Delays 

Bank 2

  1. Wind Cries Mary
  2. Msg in a Bottle
  3. Heartbreaker
  4. Fast Lane

Bank 3 

  1. Locked Outta Hvn
  2. 7 Nation Army
  3. Move Like Jagger
  4. Tighten Up

Bank 4

  1. Refugee
  2. Eight Miles High
  3. Day Tripper
  4. 4 What Its Worth

Bank 5

  1. Sober
  2. Laid to Rest
  3. Hanger 18
  4. Walk

Bank 6

  1. 4 on 6
  2. Phase Dance
  3. Blue Suede Shoes
  4. Hello Mary Lou

Bank 7

  1. Come As You Are
  2. Man IN The Box
  3. Black Hole Sun
  4. Cherub Rock

Bank 8

  1. Lie To Me
  2. Need Your Love
  3. Couldn’t Stand
  4. True Lies

Bank 9

  1. Another Brick
  2. Own A Lonely Hrt
  3. Pull Me Under
  4. Killer Queen


  1. Crazy Train
  2. still of Night
  3. Mean street
  4. Sweet Child

Bank 11

  1. Right Next Door
  2. Still Got Blues
  3. Laundromat Blues
  4. Sweet Sixteen 

Bank 12

  1. Back In Black
  2. Iron Man
  3. Everlong
  4. Jailbreak

Bank 13

  1. Streets No Name
  2. Hysteria Octave
  3. Broken Dreams
  4. Freak On A Leash

 Bank 14

  1. Bomber Uber
  2. Treadplate
  3. Angel F-Ball
  4. Line 6 Insane

Bank 15

  1. So What Octaves
  2. Purple Haze Solo
  3. Bender
  4. Go Crazy Fuzz

Bank 16

  1. Jazz Clean
  2. Blackface Lux-V
  3. Blackface Double
  4. Class A-30 TB

Bank 17

  1. Machine Gun
  2. Pedal HarMinE
  3. Have A Cigar
  4. Auto Wah

Bank 18

  1.  Gibtone 185
  2. Super O Brkdn
  3. Tweed B-Man
  4. Divide 9-15

Bank 19

  1. Rock: Rhythm
  2.  Rock: Clean
  3. Rock: Crunch
  4. Rock: Solo

Bank 20

  1. Metal: Rhythm
  2. Metal: Clean
  3. Metal: Flange
  4. Metal: Solo

  Bank 21

  1. Indie: Rhythm
  2. Indie: Clean
  3. Indie: Lead
  4. Indie: Solo

Bank 22

  1. Blues: Rhythm
  2. Blues: Clean
  3. Blues: Lead
  4. Blues: Rotary

Bank 23

  1. Modern: A30 Cln
  2. Modern: A30 DDL
  3. Modern: A30 Rhythm
  4. Modern: A30 Push

 Bank 24

  1. County: Trem
  2. Country: Slap
  3. Country: Lead
  4. Country: Boost

Bank 25

  1. Jazz: Solid State
  2. Jazz: Full & Clr
  3. Jazz: A30 Gritty
  4. Jazz: Dirty

 Bank 26

  1. Shoegaze Lead
  2. Octo Wash
  3. Seismilk Synth
  4. Sample & Hold

Bank 27

  1. DADGDA Kashmir
  2.  Open E Statesbro
  3. Open G Brn Sugar
  4. Fortunate Son D

Bank 28

  1. Acoustic Rhythm
  2. Acoustic Chorus
  3. Aco Fingerstyle
  4. Acoustic 12 

Bank 29

  1. Acoustic Rain Song
  2. Aco New Age
  3. Banjo
  4. Sitar

Bank 30

  1. User
  2. User
  3. User
  4. User

 Bank 31 

  1. User
  2. User
  3. User
  4. User

Bank 32

  1. User
  2. User
  3. User
  4. User


























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Good idea. Thanks. I just unboxed mine and took care of the preliminaries(bluetooth - Dragon Touch Android tablet works just fine, loaded driver on PC, etc.) on Saturday. Played around with the first two banks and liked most of the patches. Agree about the lag. We can always turn off effects to change tones instead of patches. Haven't fiddled too much. The parents are in town and my rig is in the living room. They're old, enough said. Thanks again for the list.

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thank for taking the time with the list.  


A spreadsheet view would be great, with all the effects and amps and cabinets and such, but if you make a change, your spreadsheet is obsolete already.

Maybe they will make a way to export the setup pretty soon.

I nuked my first 10 banks with custom sounds.  Backed up the original tones first, placing a "o." in front of them and saving them to myTones.

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I started a spreadsheet so that I could see what amp models and Variax models are used. The link below is editable, so feel free to update it and add in missing info.


Firehawk Presets


That's really handy to have the spreadsheet with the amp info alongside the patch names.


By the way (to the OP), I don't know whether you were aware, but Line 6 have published a list of patch/bank names already -


And further info about amp models and effects -

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What someone needs to do is create a new Line 6 account and just upload all the factory presets to the cloud so that you can just download them whenever needed (instead of having to factory reset your device to get them back)

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On 7/3/2017 at 11:14 AM, philsohn said:

I started a spreadsheet so that I could see what amp models and Variax models are used. The link below is editable, so feel free to update it and add in missing info.


Firehawk Presets


I filled in some missing information and added columns for the effects used.


I also added a second sheet within the document called "Amps", which tells you what real-world amp the Firehawk amp is based on.  I haven't finished this list yet--I only have 38 amps so far.



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