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  1. Thank you from me as well, it's very useful!
  2. Yeah L6, do something about the Firehawk! The cloud stuff needs updating too.
  3. Thank you for the very useful spreadsheet!
  4. I had the same problems going straight into my amps (both haven't got a fx loop). It seemd like some pulsating background noise related to fx/modulation speeds which I could not turn off even with low volumes oder deactivated fx. I now use a full range box instead and I haven't heard the issues anymore, but even before I was able to eliminate most unwanted noises by increasing the noise gate settings.
  5. There was a small update to the Firehawk app a few days ago. I didn’t check it out, but maybe you want to try if it corrects the autoplay.
  6. Hello Jake-Lee, did you try the update via Bluetooth or via PC/USB? The USB connection is way better for firmware updates. Cheers, Alex
  7. That’s right, but fixing bugs should be possible for a product that’s only three years old ;)
  8. Good list. No additional features but fixing the bugs. I would add: Better accessibility to the sound cloud uploads.
  9. Yes the general access to the sound cloud tones is something line 6 should improve with the next update.
  10. I bought my Firehawk FX just recently. I read my way through this forum and also through other musicians‘ forums, which means I knew that I could not expect Line 6 to develop the Firehawk much further. The price at which I got it was a bargain, so no complaints from me. Further down the road I might sell it for a helix something. But for the people who bought th FH before I think letting down a hardly three-year old product without saying something about it is not a good way of customer care. What Line 6 should do at least is to make clear which way the Firehawk is going to go - or not to go. I’d like to know how long they plan to go on supporting the various platforms the app is running on. With that being said I wouldn’t mind a real update too ;)
  11. My Firehawk arrived a few days ago and I was able to do some testing with the fh in front of my modelling amp. So far I can say: The results are really good and exceed my expectations! I made some comparisons between the sound of the fh in front of my vt40x (amp mode) with the sound over my headphones (line mode) and with a youtube video wich demoes all the presets on a Line 6 L3T speaker (as I don’t own a suitable speaker). Using a very clean amp model / clean channel together with the effects and amp models of the Firehawk gave me very good results and virtually the same sounds as on my headphones and the youtube video (as far as this can be judged by a video). There are some presets which don’t sound too good to me, but to my ears in the demo video they weren’t better. But most of the presets sound very good and I was able to create some really amazing sounds of my own. What doesn’t work though is using the fh as a mere effects board together with the amp models of my little Vox. The sound of the two modelling engines in line gets muddy and flat, so now I’m only using the amp like a speaker which of course is not what I bought it for. That’s a bit of a shame because the Vox amp models are really good and seem to be a bit more responsive than the line 6 ones. But the extremely good effects of the fh and its overall ability to produce complete sound sets which can be used in a very flexible way more than compensate for this. As the know limitations of the Firehawk like the app to board latency are no problem for my (once I will have created my own presets there will be no need for fast-switching presets via the app) I am extremely happy with the results and I will keep my Firehawk. :)
  12. Thanks Steve. I just bought a firehawk. My shop has a 30 day no hassle refund policy so I can try it out and return it if it doesn’t work for me. I’ll report back here.
  13. Hello community, A newbee here, looking for some advice. I am considering buying either the firehawk fx or the M13. My problem: I am a hobby guitarist with occasional gigs. While sometimes my signal goes directly into a PA setup, most of the times I use my little Vox vt40x modelling amp with no fx loop, so the 4CM is not possible. The M13 could not be used as a standalone option. Would the firehawk be an option with the fh amp/cab modelling off? What are your experiences with fh in front of a small (modelling) amp? Thanks for your answers, Alex
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