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UX2 - OSX 10.11 El Capitan - No sound

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Hi guys,

I have finally got this to work.


1. Download Gearbox lastest version


2. Doubleklick dmg-file


3. Open the package (right mouse klick on the package GearBox.mpkg) the left klick on Package... in context menu)


4. Open folder "Contents" and then folder "Packages"


5. Then install the packages manually IN FOLLOWING ORDER (IMPORTANT!)

   - GearBox AU Plugin.pkg

   - Gearbox RTAS Plugin.pkg


   - Line6 Audio Driver.pkg

   - Line 6 Audio-Midi Pref.pkg  IS NOT INSTALLABLE - BUT IT DOESN'T MATTER!

   - Line 6 Driver Uninstaller.pkg

DO NOT INSTALL Line 6 Monkey.pkg YET!


   - Line 6 TWGX Framework.pkg


6. After doing that, install Line6 GearBox.pkg


7. Connect Device


8. Start GearBox.  It will open without any errors!


You're ready to go.


After that, you can install Line6Monkey if you want, but:


1. Do not use the package delivered with Gearbox, download latest Version from Line6 Support

2. After Installation DO NOT UPDATE ANY DRIVER! It will work properly withoui any updates


Trying to get this to work for 2 months now. Happy to get it going.


Good Luck!



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I use a Tone Port UX2 through Garage Band and i just updated to El Capitan.


All of a sudden the input of the guitar is way lower than it was before, it sounds like my guitar volume knob is turned almost all the way down, very low gain.


I uninstalled the drivers and downloaded the new ones but i still have the same problem.


Any idea of how to fix this?

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This is some kind of glitch with the SIP kext signing system. I have heard people talk about disabling SIP entirely with terminal and solving driver issues for other audio interfaces, but I cant confirm if this interface will wirk with SIP disabled or not. I am most likely going to disabled SIP and try it out myself.

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I am working with El Capitan 10.11.3 and 7.5.7. drivers and my Toneport UX2 is not getting out any sound, I can record but I'm not hearing what I'm playing...


Is there any solution for this topic? Is it a matter of the drivers? Will be any update on the drivers soon?


Please do something!

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i was facing the same issues, and just actually looked yesterday, and it appears that the drivers have been released.  :D


I personally have a TonePort UX8 - i went here the device i am using, the software that i wanted, and yes, i am using the Capitan OS.  


Now, what i had to do was the following:


When  you download the drivers, you have to actually look at the contents of the installer, right click, view contents, or something like that, and then manually install each driver package, podfarm, monkey, gearbox, licenser etc.  After i did that, i checked my system sound settings, and behold, there was my TonePort, checked my DAW, behold, it works.  i am very happy about this :) :) :) 

Thanks Line 6!!!



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my solution for my TonePort UX1:


  1. Install Mac OS X 10.11 (Standard)
  2. Install Mac OS X 10.11 (Beta)
  3. Uninstall Line 6 Drivers
    • Applications/Line6/Drivers/Line6 Driver
  4. Install the FREE update to the Line 6 Audio/MIDI Driver for Mac
  5. Shutdown and ReStart your Mac
  6. Possibly UnPlug and RePlug the USB cable








This a FREE update to our Line 6 Audio/MIDI Driver for Mac which brings compatibility and improved performance fixes when used in conjunction with Mac OS X "El Capitan" 10.11.1 (and higher), while maintaining compatibility with previous versions of Mac OS X.

We strongly recommend that users manually uninstall the existing driver before installing this latest version. We also recommend that users please use Line 6 Monkey to ensure that their Line 6 product's USB flash memory and firmware are completely up-to-date as well.

Bug Fixes:

  • Resolved issues where some Line 6 products supported by the driver would not pass audio, or could not be detected under Mac OS X El Capitan
  • Resolved issues where audio quality was not up to Line 6 standards
  • We are still actively working with Apple to provide the best possible experience for Mac users of Line 6 products

Known Issues:

  • Some POD Xt devices may exhibit rare "pops and clicks" during playback; this can often be resolved by unplugging and reconnecting the USB cable, or rebooting your Mac. Afterwards the problem should no longer occur.
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Hi! What If I have El Capitan 10.11.4? I think to install the beta version of 10.11.1 could be messi. The problem I have with my KB37 is only with the mic input. I can use all but the mic. It doesn't work, no signal, no record. What is the best process for my issue? I need a solution as fast as possible, cause I have to record voices for my last shortfilm.

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Installing Pod Farm on Mojave

At first i was´nt allowed to install Pod Farm on my new Macbook Pro running OS 10.14.2 a.k.a Mojave.
When i got to the "choose install destination" i was not alowed to install on the Macintosh HD, although theres plenty of disk space.
The workaround-solution is pretty much the same as "drifter66" (thanx alot mate!) explains erlyer in this thread;

1. Download Pod Farm lastest version


2. Doubleklick dmg-file


3. Open the package by control-klickin, then choose "show content" from the pop-up menue.


4. Open folder "Contents" and then folder "Packages"


5. Then install the packages manually one by one. A few of the packages still would´nt innstall, but never mind! Just continue to the next one untill you´re done and your Pod Farm should work just fine! (At least mine seems to be working perfectly!)


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