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POD X3 LIVE No sound other than Aux in via Phones Out


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My X3 is literally dying for reasons unknown !! There is no input even if I switch on the tuner. No Output at all. Nothing is working. I only get sound through my Aux input and only through phones output NOT through the LIVE L/R outputs..

This is awful.


I reinstalled the firmware, calibrated all the switches and pedal...Nothing...


Why is this happening line 6 ???

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Go to "Inputs" and check the edit page,

then dial in the selection.


Typical and most common Outputs,... edit page,...

"1/4 inch Output"

"Match Studio/ Direct Mode"


The afore mentioned are a typical generic set-up.

More than likely something got switched in the edit page

and wasn't switch back.

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Hey Fellas,


My spare X3L has the same issues but I correct me if I am wrong here "that after setting the unit to tone 1 and the inputs to guitar + aux" if the tuner does not detect an input signal its "service time". Jack failure or mainboard. If the tuner never sees the signal the output settings won't matter much.


If any one can ballpark a rough estimate for worst case scenario (mainboard) shoot it over.



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Check for the latest firmware updates, Make sure the tuner is not in audio bypass. 

You wouldn't believe how many people forget that's there. Even I've done it a couple times.



For two of you, I would think it's time for a general overall check up at a Line 6

authorized service center. Check for any hardware and firmware updates,...

... especially if it's been some time and they haven't seen a service center yet.


And thanks silverhead,... always on the ball.

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