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IKEA CAPITA legs make perfect pedalboard mic stand mounts...


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Who would have guessed that IKEA capita legs make perfect pedalboard mic stand mounts...


These ones -


Basically took the base off an old boom stand and stuck a capita leg on the bottom of the stand. I had to drill out the plastic 'foot' of the ikea leg, this made it such a good fit I just whacked the leg onto the bottom of the stand with a hammer and it's solid haha






Then bolted the fixing plate to my pedalboard






And it's done





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Inspired by Mike's idea, I have integrated an iPhone stand for FH remote and a music stand into the lid of my pedalboard case. All stands are removable and interchangeable with other types of stand -such as a mic or camera stand. I don't have to find two music stands anymore!



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On 8/21/2022 at 3:17 AM, jem24h said:

a group of guitars and a microphone

Thanks for this amazing hack, here is what I've done with it ! 

Happy to share, hope, this inspires :)


This totally inspires!  Thanks everyone for posting your awesome rigs!  Jem24h, I love what you've done with your specific setup.  What case are you using for your Helix?  I'm starting to look for a suitable road case for my own, and like the extra space you've got there.  Also, how did you attach the stands to the case?  Same as the initial post?

Thanks in advance! 



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