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Firehawk with Stagesource L2


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Is anybody using the L2 speaker as an amp? How is it for volume?

I have tried an alto ts12 in the past and found it to be just loud enough, so I didn't want to pull the trigger on an L2 until I was sure.

I play in a 4 piece band with a loud drummer, I have decided against an L3 as it will be a pain to transport and it doesn't give me anything extra over the L2 apart from volume does it?

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Looking at the back panel of th stagesource we can see : 


- Input : 1 XLR Female + RCA

- Output : 2 XLR Male

- The L6 Link : with one male and one female xlr


So the the best way to use the StageSource (at home or little gigs to use the StageSource as an amp) is : 


Guitar > Firehawk (XLR Outpouts) > StageSource (using XLR input)



To play a bigger gigs with sound system or in rehearsal studio the configuration "should be" :  


Guitar > Firehawk > Mixing Console > StageSource


Do you confirm that ??



Currently unpleased with the Firehawk with my old JCM (with no fx loop for the 4CM), I'm trying to understand how I should use properly the stagesource with on multiple situation : 


- Home practicing / little gigs without mixing console and backline speakers  : the L2T take the role of an amp

- Bigger gigs / concerts with backline speakers : the L2T take the role of personal monitor OR additional  backline speaker 


Do you confirm that too ?


Thanks in advance for your feedback.





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Yes, and yes. Your description matches what I would do.


It sounds like you have one Stagesource speaker, not two, so stereo is not a consideration. In that case you could use only the L XLR cable from the Firehawk to the speaker. It will sum your signal to mono.

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From my experience the firehawk sounds much better through a PA speaker than a guitar amp , I've had the lt3 a month or so and apart from it being too heavy it really fits my needs much better

My guitar amp sounded like it had a big woollen blanket over it by comparison

The real clincher for me is that I use a bit of odd stuff now and then like the synths and stuff and they sound mega through the stagesource

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I love it : you just confirm what I thought.

I was the kind of guy always swearing "old analogic gear" is the true way ;-)

But now, maybe with the age, I want to test myself and see if my new priorities feet with this kind of gear.

I'm looking for something versatile, easy to carry, plug and play.

I want to get the same sound at home, at the rehearsing studio, and live .... so the couple "firehawk + PA System" seems to be the perfect deal.


(I can't sell my 2 pedalboards and my 2 full tube amps : Marshall JCM800 4010 + Fender Deluxe Reverb ....   but I'm sure I'll find a way to use them in other way in the future).


Thank you all for advices and feedback and sorry for my poor english (I'm from Paris).

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I'm getting some pretty convincing amp tones out of this set up for live use and when I want to record I just ditch the speaker and I get the same sound going straight to the pc

Just find a pair of headphones that have a flat response similar to the lt2 and you can create tones quietly at home that require hardly any tweaking when you amplify them at rehearsals and gigs

I have kids that go to bed early so for me this is the best set up I ever had

I got the jtv 59 only recently but I've found one of the real surprises for me was just how good the acoustic models sound going through the lt2 instead of a guitar cab, it sounds better live than stuff we recorded recently with a decent takemine guitar

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I find it hard to make a good guitar sound of a song,
I like to ask if anyone of you can make "bleu hotel from Chris Isaac" because the presets from Tone search have a lot of drive or distortion.

It must be cleaner. But if i change drive to make it cleaner then i loose power. I think.

I hope I can learn from youre presets.


Thanks in advance

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Thanks for the answers Silverhead and mcbedall.


I will try this out.


But is it possible that one or both of you, can make a preset of Bleu hotel of Chris Isaac.

For me so I try to understand how you think about the choises of amps and effects for this typical sound.


I hope you can help me with this.


again thanks in advance

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Actually I had a quick look at it for you but rwandy posted a tone called blue hotel on the cloud which pretty much nails it , if that one is distorting for you then try backing off the volume on the guitar (you won't actually lose much volume but the tone will clean up) the tone using my jtv is dead clean through headphones using my telecaster adds a bit of dirt because the pickups are hotter

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