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  1. Hey, I was wondering if anyone was playing on the Helix with a Blade Rh2 guitar. And with which presets he often plays. and how do you use it cabinet or Pa , amp?? And what he thinks of it. thanks Sincerely,
  2. Hello, who can help me with this. I play in a cover band. and I use the Helix with friedman ASM-12. Now I also want to use my Roland bleus cube Artist 1x12. I use the Helix patches especially for lead solos, the signal must go through the friedman cabinet and through the Roland power amp. But I want to play some songs only trough Roland. So the signal must not be affected by the Helix. So for example. Song A: Guitar - Helix - Friedman - ASM-12 - (Roland power amp speaker) Song B: Guitar - Helix ( no blocks Clean) - (Roland Cube Artist) Song C: Maybe a combination of Song A for lead solo with Song B (ritme) in 1 preset. Thanks in advance. Donald
  3. If I want to use the editor on my PC, I have to start first the Helix then after the boot is finisht then I start up my PC with the USB cable.connected. .(This is the right order for me) When I first boot up my PC and then the Helix. with the USB cable connected, then the editor does not recognize the Helix. this has always been with every FW update
  4. Thanks Jugghaid, I've been there Customtone , and download several presets. but mine was not there try to tweak it.
  5. Thanks Silverhead for youre reply, And you are right about the learning curve I'm am aware about that. and i'm not try to escape from it. but in the 2 months that i have the Helix, i have tried also from scratch to make my presets. but I can't find it. and i'm still believe in the Helix. I have purchased some very fine presets by Glenn delaune and they are sounds good. But i'm looking for some of my own Firehawk presets sounds. So if someone can make a good replicate of one or two of mine Firehawk presets then maybe i have a good starting point and learning from here. There is one setup in a lot of my Firehawk presets and that's my favorite whit a 1964 fender Blackface "Lux" in it. I miss that sound . AND I KNOW HELIX CAN DO IT "BETTER" that's why i bought it , but still i dont have it. Someone help me please to get me on the Helix road. Thanks again for listening
  6. Hi guys, I started this topic because I have a question concerning preset Firehawk vs. preset Helix. I purchased a year ago the Firehawk and I'm satisfied with the sounds I was looking for and the interface remote is oke but not enough, now 2 months ago I purchased the Helix for its great interface hardware and software for PC with Windows 10, so easy. And everyone was full of praise for the sounds. Especially the editor with 8 Setup list is very nice. But I find it hard to create my own sounds. I play in a cover band with a lot of different songs and sounds as you know. These are in my Firehawk. Now I try to copy the presets on my Firehawk, read "dial in." In the Helix. When I take the exact same amp cabinet in the Helix and Firehawk with compatible settings to compare. Then they sound so different with respect to each other. The Firehawk sounds better than the Helix I must say. But I am convinced that Helix also has to sound as good maybe better. My question is, is there any one of you who also has the Firehawk and the Helix. And make easy good sounds with the Helix. Can I send you one of my firehawk preset and ask you to make a copy preset for the Helix for me. I play on a Blade Rh2 in to the Firehawk or Helix in to the FOH. with rehearsal At home via mixer with 2 Adam monitors. Thanks for listening. sorry for my englisch
  7. Thanks for the answers Silverhead and mcbedall. I will try this out. But is it possible that one or both of you, can make a preset of Bleu hotel of Chris Isaac. For me so I try to understand how you think about the choises of amps and effects for this typical sound. I hope you can help me with this. again thanks in advance
  8. Hi, I find it hard to make a good guitar sound of a song, I like to ask if anyone of you can make "bleu hotel from Chris Isaac" because the presets from Tone search have a lot of drive or distortion. It must be cleaner. But if i change drive to make it cleaner then i loose power. I think. I hope I can learn from youre presets. Thanks in advance
  9. @cabomano, question. how are connections with a Pa. 1. Git -> Firehawk -> L2T-> PA or 2. Git -> Firehawk -> PA -> L2T or no diverence.
  10. Hi, there, I have some problems to make the volume levels the same for every preset. at home i setup the volume in the presets at almost 100%. but there are so many diverence in level for each amp model. so at live i have to change every preset every time. can some tell me the right way to make t he same level volume for every preset. thanks.
  11. until today there has never been an answer to the question whether the presets amplifi is compatible with firehawk. or i missed it.
  12. Sounds like it needs a mixer section like in the 500, zoom g5 also has a master output level for each patch that doesn't alter tone If I were you I'd submit a request for something to be implemented in an update on ideascale I'll definitely vote for it I'd post it myself but I don't have my unit yet so can't really judge what exactly is required This has to be in the ideascale submitted. i will vote for it. do you have a link.?
  13. Where are the firehawk fx customtones? and also does not Amplifi. on the site. or is it the same as My tones on the remote app.? question. Wich is it better the XLR or the cinch cables to connect the firehawk to a PA.? thanks.
  14. Hello, I have a question. Can someone describe me exactly how the system proces works, at the moment of booting the firehawk, the remote software and firehawk fx are paired also with the cloud. Are presets physical stored in the memory of my tablet or mobile phone. (My tones, factory presets) or only in the cloud.? if they on my tablet device, where are they are stored.? someone has Amplifi 75 he did a factory reset but there were no factorypresets stored back. someone an idea.? I hope someone can explain this clearly.for me. sorry for my english. thanks in advance.
  15. Duckie162

    The Looper

    Well that's is no problem anymore, but i was looking first in the Dutch manual for the looper sections and it was not there. so i did not understand it, It was the most recent manual. but problem solved. thanks for the reply
  16. ACF-SW/AC Accessory case Its from Accu-case or something like that. but great for the firehawk fx. with a lot af foam , but you can pull it out. there is some space for cables that you can place on top of the FH. but that's it. good enough for me.
  17. Duckie162

    The Looper

    The latest Firehawk manual does include a section on looper operations. Make sure you have the most recent manual. Not that we're ducking the question. Just that it's explained clearly there. We can't do it any better here. Haha :D , yes i know, but i like the dutch manual(Rev E) because i'm Dutch. But it seems that these manuals are different from the Englisch. and other languages. thanks anyway
  18. Duckie162

    The Looper

    thanks mcbeddall. but i can't find anything about the looper in the manuals thanks. :)
  19. Duckie162

    The Looper

    Hi there, can anyone tell me how the looper works. thanks
  20. Thanks Silverhead, another question, is there a fast way to backup the hardware presets before i change all the banks with my own presets.? thanks,.
  21. Hi There, my question is how can i delete a preset from my tones. thanks.
  22. Duckie162

    The Looper

    Firehawk FX firmware v1.10 available now! Firehawk, it should say 1.10 and not 1.01 after update.
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