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POD HD500x with EVH 5150iii


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Hello everyone, I have my HD500x connected to my EVH 5150 iii with the 4 cable method. Recently I lost all my presets and managed to restore them but I lost a feature that is a must for me and that is controlling the amp (EVH) gain with the expression pedal. I did it in the past and I just can`t figure how I did it. Any help will be appreciated.



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Help! I bought the hd500x and cannot get a sound out of it when connected to my evh 5150 iii 100w.


Bought the evh for its tone and love it. Wanted a simple effects unit but seems the hd is forcing modeling which i am not a fan of.

You can set up a signal chain with just FX. Just move the cursor to the amp model, and turn the first control knob until it reads "NO AMP". But as others have already said, that's really not what this unit is designed to for. You can spend less money on a simple multi-fx unit.


As far as getting "no sound", it's gonna be hard for anyone to pinpoint the problem without more info. Are you running straight into the front of the amp, the FX return, 4 cable method?

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Got the thing working but have to admit all the hype for the hd500x doesnt work for me. The effects alone are less quality to me than my Line 6 Spider III head and dont even compare to the TC Electronic G Major.


It has a lot of effects but none with the exception of two reverb settings that sound even close to a good stomp box.


I bought it to simplify my rig - the G Major, rack and the midi pedal plus wah pedal for short gigs was a lot to haul.


For practice the hd works well with my fender hrd, works well for gain but ruins the clean of the fender

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