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Which headphones?


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Hi , I want to be able to create my tones using headphones and have it sound the same (as close as possible ) when amplifying the tones through my lt3

Anybody have experience of a good headphone for this use (so many are designed to enhance bass etc)

I'm really looking for a good flat response headphone

I realise that making tones on headphones isn't the best scenario but a lot of the time I get to practice at home the kids are in bed

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Brilliant, thanks for that, I found it interesting what you posted about preferring open backed headphones, and I think that has pointed to my problem , I have a good quality sennheiser headphone but it is a closed back set and the problem I am getting is that my patches are all irritatingly harsh with pronounced highs when I amplifi them at rehearsal , so this would be because my headphones are pronouncing the lows a lot more and I'm compensating by removing the lows with eq.

The patches I've created while playing at gig volume through the stagesource are all sounding unbelievably good (it might be more fun to build a soundproof shed in the garden)

Thanks for your help , I really appreciate it

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I am on my Mac Pro with a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 audio interface, Logic Pro 10.3.2 and I'm using brand new Audio-Technica ATH M50X headphones, some very fine guitars and my new Helix Native Plugin. My test: I add a simple YouTube backing track to Logic Pro to jam along with. The jam track and my guitar sounds great when monitored through my simple 100 watt Alesis power amp and NS-10 monitors as I play along. However, when I play through only my headphones (via the audio interface's headphone jack) it sounds thin, tinny, scratchy, empty. Totally unacceptable. The odd thing is that the backing track still sounds good but the guitar track sounds terrible. I have tested this with different headsets, two different audio interfaces and even bypassed the headphone jack on the Focusrite and tried my old Samson Q5 headphone amp. The guitar still sounds like crap. So my question is this: What would make the Helix Native guitar track sound so crappy though headphones when it otherwise sounds perfectly acceptable though my NS-10 monitors.  I used to do virtually everything with headphones on but now if I were to do a mix with this setup and actually try to correct the tinny guitar track to sound good through the headphones it would then sound completely different through any other setup, and quite certainly with too much bottom, bass, etc. I am lost here and have spent hours going through the process of elimination. I am new to this world of amp and effect sims and direct-in guitar recording so maybe one of you guys can tell me what might be happening here as this is a huge disappointment. Thanks for listening. 

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