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  1. If there was such a link in this location I would have clicked on it. I am done with this.
  2. Soundog: Templates! What a great idea. That is the final step that was eluding me. I now have a great template with all of the pieces that I typically have to setup manually, and my new "Snapshot Control via Helix LT" is right there upon open. You have helped me in such a variety of ways starting back when I was still using a demo of Helix Native. I am very grateful for your kind assistance. You and your 'aging brain' can practice on me anytime you like :) Thanks again!
  3. Thanks, soundog. I keep telling myself the same thing (mental challenge, good for my aging brain :). I did have a bit of luck just a moment ago that is worth mentioning: As I stated above I am now getting midi data to Logic from my buttons on Helix Lt from the moment I change the "mode" position to Stomp (from Snap where I had it originally. The problem now is trying to get through this annoying Snapshot "INDEX" because it is impossible to get it to respond to midi in a predictable manner, thus far. Thank you so much for anything you can do to help. This would be a great breakthrough for a lot of players if we can sort it out.
  4. Phil: this last message of yours prompted me to switch to Stomp mode and now the outgoing midi commands are making sense! I will see if I can get Logic to make sense of it and will get back with you. Thanks for hanging in there with me!
  5. I am in present mode (with 4 and 4) but if I do not setup any info in the individual foot switches how would each switch know what differing midi data to send when you cycled through them? I think I'll have to pass on trying this to get this to work in the way I need, especially with Logic because apparently Logic has its own issues with passing midi through and onto the plugin itself. I sure do appreciate your help. I do believe that Line 6 should have thought about making their Helix hardware and Native (which I think of a a companion product) communicate with one another directly. Especially the snapshots feature. Thanks again!
  6. Phil: I believe I have it setup properly in the way that you initially explained it. The values in switches B, C,D are then 1,2,3
  7. soundog: To answer your question: I have both Native and Helix LT and I use Logic Pro X. I would like to be able to control Native Snapshots on the fly without using the automation method that you mentioned (although it s a great idea for that specific purpose). Phil suggested that I should be able to accomplish this via my LT by programming the buttons within the command center but I have not had must luck getting LT to send any meaningful midi to Logic. And Yes, via USB.
  8. Yup, saw that one too but that is more for doing it the way that soundog does it already.
  9. Thanks, Rich. I saw that video but it does not pertain to this exact situations. I appreciate it though. It does have good info and is worth a watch for other situation.
  10. Phil: Yes, I am in Snapshot mode. I was also able to finally get the buttons to deliver some midi activity but nothing that really made sense. EX: For some reason one click of the first button would yield 3 separate control change messages n a row. I want to be clear on one thing: Early on in your initial suggestion for using the lightning bolt: If I want to to use the A-D Bottom row snapshot switches, Which lightning bolt am I supposed to setup with the CC#69 & 0 command, and do I setup only ONE lightning bolt, then do I setup A-D with the CC#69 and 0,1,2,3 across the 4 respective buttons? Or do I still have this wrong?
  11. No. When I hit Play on Logic the tempo led ring just continues to flash to whatever it was previously set to, no change. I play with those setting but no change in that led. I was able to get my expression pedal to also show midi activity but still nothing on the desired switches.
  12. Thanks, Yes. I do have that selected.
  13. The one thing that still troubles me is that I cannot detect any midi signal from my Helix LT to my Mac. Not within Logic Pro or even with one of my little Midi detector utilities. If i plug in a keyboard via USB and touch anything the utilities light up and there are midi signals streaming, but nothing from Helix. I checked my Global settings on Helix and it's set for Midi Base Channel 1. Not sure why I am not getting any signal.
  14. Okay. I thought you were using Logic. This has been my issue with Logic all along. I have searched throughout Logic and cannot find a way to "add Helix" as a specific midi controller. There is a"learn" feature but no luck their either when trying through Helix LT. Thanks again though. I keep trying.
  15. No. That's a good point though. Do you mean by setting it up as a controller? I find no other midi choice this through "preferences" and if I try through Controller Assignments it is not recognized (like my keyboards are, for example). How are you do this? By the way, I really appreciate your help here. I feel like there may be hope :)
  16. Yes, soundog. I am on the latest. I am trying to follow phil's idea above but I am not getting any midi signal to Logic (?)
  17. phil: I am trying to set this us right now. Am I supposed to I apply these settings to only the lightning bolts (top) or do I also have to apply them to the corresponding foot switch icons below (like the first 4 buttons from left to right on the bottom row, for example)? I reread what you wrote and then tried to apply it to only the 1st lightning bot, then I applied setting to each of the 4 foot switches setup like this: 1st switch: MiddCC - Channel 1 - CC#69 - Value 0 2nd switch: MidiCC - Channel 1- CC#69 - Value 1 and so forth for 3-4 I don't seem to be getting and midi signal to my Mac even when I run my midi analyzer amp
  18. Phil_m: Thanks for weighing in. This is encouraging! I did try this yesterday with the lightning bolts but did not have success. Since you have it working I will definitely get back into it right now and report back. Soundog: Your comments make perfect sense too and I had dug into that a little when I read where you mentioned this a while back. My real issue was trying to do it on the fly, more free form. But you are right about being able to focus on playing and not have to worry about pressing buttons during a session. If I can get it to work as phil_m suggests I will have the best of both worlds and that would be idea. I like your work flow and appreciate your sharing it. I'll let you know how I make out. Thanks guys.
  19. SNAPSHOT HELL: I started with Native and I absolutely love it. I have virtually zero need for a Helix floor unit but I recently bought one, and now I am wondering why. I think it was for 3 reasons; 1). I was convinced that it would somehow sound better with its own proprietary audio interface than Helix Native. In my opinion it does not. 2). I thought that the floor unit and Native would communicate with one another and that I could use the hardware to change snapshots in Native. 3). The main reason was because I was never able to find a 100% reliable means for changing Snapshots. I figured something out but there was too much perpetual fiddling around to make it viable. It's true that when I am recording small clips and creating tracks with one tone snapshots are not a must so Native should do as it is, but when I want to casually play guitar and have the snapshots available on the fly I am still stuck. Trying to use my new Helix LT as an alternative to Native when laying down multiple tracks is a huge PITA and not nearly as versatile as native with its plugin convenience. But spending this kind of money just to have snapshots at my feet along with a more complicated work-flow is ridiculous. What would still make all of this worthwhile would be if Line 6 had designed the floor units and Native to actually communicate with one another. If I could change my Native snapshots from the Helix Lt I would feel a lot better about this. At this point the Helix Lt is going back. In this case (and I know my needs may differ from others) Line 6 is losing a $1,200 sale simply because of this snapshot issue. Does anyone know if there are any plans for Line 6 to further integrate the two? Or, are there any plans for Line 6 to update Native so that the snapshots will work with midi in a traditional manner, like they did with the rest of the Native settings? Why would they leave snapshots out of this equation? So many people have complained about this you would think that they would just fix it with an update. Are there any new midi controller workarounds for snapshots? (I use Logic Pro X)
  20. Silverhead: Many thanks for this answer. Good information. The odd thing is that there were no user presets in the unit that. I thought about that too. This is what made me wonder if these Impulses were related to the factory presets that come preinstalled on the unit. So, can I assume that none of the factory presets come with IRs of their own?
  21. I'm trying to find someone who can answer this quick question: I just received my Helix LT from Musician's Friend. It was an 'open box item'. Looks brand new! As I am trying to load some patches and IRs into this unit I see right away that 1-27 of the "Impulses" drop down are already occupied by something called: "Suhr Hedgehog G12-65" (All of 1-27 are this same file). Is this something from Line 6 that needs to stay here or could it have been added by the person who may have used this unit briefly before returning it to Musician's Friend? Can this be safely deleted so that I can add IRs from Glenn or Freeman, etc,? Just trying to be careful here. Did your LT come with these same files?
  22. Thanks for this. I spent a lot of time trying to configure a variety of different pieces to allow me to change Native snapshots from my Rig Kontrol 3 unit and my Logic Pro DAW. I was able to get it to work most of the time but it was buggy. Line 6 did not design Native snapshots to respond to midi control in a traditional way so I was hoping that Helix floor might address this in some proprietor manner. The volume (expression) pedal on the Rig Kontrol worked fine and I was able to setup other changes within Native but snapshots were challenging so I hoped that Helix floor might have this added benefit for my use. If not it seems like something that Line 6 should consider. So, if I have both Native and Helix floor and wanted to record I suppose I would use the clean signal from the floor unit to my DAW and use the plugin for my tones . Then consider the Helix floor for use only outside of DAW (guitar amps, PA, etc. which I seldom do anymore ) or to use as you explained above, which doesn't sound ideal. So many toys, so little time. Thanks for weighing in!
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