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Firehawk fx overdrive and distortion cascade. can be done?


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Hello to all

I am new to the forum. I would like to switch from analog to digital instrumentation, to have more flexibility. when my line effects expected crybaby ----> dyna comp ---> mxr distrortion iii ---> Ibanez TS9 ----> mxr corus analogic ----> Boss DD3 and I would copy it in digital. I find very interesting is FIREHAWK fx, for its simplicity and directness. I downloaded the app for testing and it seems well made. But I have strong doubts that maybe you can answer. I watched many tones to FIREHAWK fx, but I see that all have always only one "stomp" or some maximum two delays ... you can have multiple Flex FX blocks of the same type (Stomp, Mod, Delay, or Pitch / Synth) below ?
eg Stomp ---> Stomp ---> Stomp ---> Mod -> Delay ---> Daley ----> Delay etc ...
How can it be done?
you have a link where I can find the instructions.
Or I would estimate the pod hd500x, but provides another type of interface.
Thanks for all your reply.
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You can do this to some extent but it is limited. Firehawk FX block assignments within presets are fixed in some respects and flexible in others. For instance, every preset has a Comp block. You can reassign the type of compressor in that block, and relocate the block in the signal chain, but you can't replace the Comp with, say, an Overdrive block. Similarly every preset has a moveable but not replaceable Reverb block.


There are three (I think - or is it 4?) fully flexible FX blocks in the chain. You can assign these to anything, so you could have 3 Stomps, or 1 Stomp and 2 Delays, or any combination adding up to 3 (or 4?) FX blocks. But these are the limits. You certainly cannot build a preset as you described above, with a total of 7 stomp, mod, and delay blocks.


You would be able to build that preset on the Pod HD500X which supports a total of up to 8 fully assignable FX blocks, but you might run into DSP capacity limitations. And you would have only 1 block remaining for all other FX types (EQ, reverb, vol, wah.....).

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What is the rule for signal chain assignments? I. E. What should normally go before the amp and what should go after? I've noticed when playing around with this that moving some stuff totally disables the effect while other things that get moved continue to work but with less quality or clarity. Thanks


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