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I have a couple PRS's that I put the GK-Kit into. THAT was a much tougher job. Very clean, nothing shows except the pickup and the connection plate for the cable. There was no room in the 89F for the connection plate or the electronics internally. For whatever reason, this one tracks even better than the PRS's. Love having the GR-55 in addition to the Helix, great combo!

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@rickthestick - thanks for that, was specifically hunting around for folks who'd tried this before.. I'm a longtime GR-55 user, have the GK-3s in my Strats etc. I've just ordered the 89F and was thinking it would be great to add the GK3... I live in India so I can't even try out the 89f before I buy - it's on order and I've just gotta hope for the best ;-).


Not sure if I have the surgical skills to pull off what you did, so I thought I'd just check; if you could cut away the skinny bit of the bridge-pickup mounting ring that's closest to the bridge, would that make just enough room to squeeze the GK-3 in? From looking at the pics you've posted, it looks to me that it just might.. would be great if I could get the actual measurements :-). 


Also good to hear that it tracks well - on the Strat, for example, the GK3 can be fitted so that it's just pretty close to the saddles (which Roland recommends as ideal for good tracking); and here with the Floyd being mounted the way it is, it looked like there would be a fair distance between the string-saddle point and the GK3.



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@amsdenj - Already a long-time user of the GR-55 and value it's usability as a pedal.. not sure I'm ready to start carrying a laptop etc on stage.. :-)


That said, have been hearing good things about the Jam Origin stuff - will check it out.

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I have been using a GK3 on my JTV89F for about 3 years with no issues. I just trimmed the backside of the rear pickup ring  and this gives just enough room to install the pickup. In my case I epoxied the pickup to the edges of the ring to eliminate any movement or shifting. (I have 6 guitars of all types with GK3's installed) Has worked great.

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Continuing this subject - A few years ago I bought a special mounting plate kit for mounting the GK-3 mic on Floyd Rose-style equipped guitars which have a gap too narrow between the humbucker pickup holder and the bridge, just like on the JTV-89F. However I stowed it away as I had another GK-equipped guitar. Today I decided to use the kit to mount the GK-3 on my JTV-89F.


The idea/procedure is to replace the pickup holder with the special mounting plate, on which also the GK-3 mic is attached. The hex mic is almost shoehorned in, with only a millimetre space on each side towards the humbucker and the bridge. As I prefer pretty low action, the string height over the GK-3 were barely adjustable to the prescribed 1 mm height. However the action and playability remains very good.


The GK-3 box is attached by double-adhesive tape, as the supplied mounting plate is too big to fit behind the tremolo bridge.


The kit seems to be available here:


The procedure is easy and straightforward and there are no harm done to the guitar as the plate utilize the existing screw holes for the pickup holder. The images below shows  the result.



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