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  2. You have to hear it in person. You can walk into an adjacent room and still get the effect. You'll never look back. Nothing else works for me now, I'm spoiled.
  3. Take it to the next level with this and everyone in the entire venue hears massive stereo. BTW, a big brother will be available very soon.
  4. I recently had the same experience with them. Totally outstanding and unprecedented by the standards theses day. You can't do any better, their products as well as their service are exemplary. Thank you Line 6!
  6. Pretty much the same as zooey. I gig every weekend and really can't with out it. The Helix is the heart of my system with the routing for my BeatBuddy and Boomerang III and GR-55. What company does this these days? Not too many. Totally impressive customer service!
  7. I bought my Helix about a year ago and have been more than happy with this unit. Great interface, wonderful sound quality and the updates keep rolling out. Definitely a quality product. I had a problem with a single patch that would cause it to freeze, every time. I sent the patch to the customer service department and was assured it was a hardware issue. From there on I can't tell you how impressed I am with the service that followed. They went out of their way to give me the best service I have ever received from any company in the music business. I've been around a while and dealt with many companies over the years but nothing comes close to what I experienced with their exemplary customer support. Will was the representative I had the pleasure of dealing with. Thank you Line 6, you have a customer for life!
  8. Great choice! I sold the original bag that came with it. I love this case (bag) for my 89F. Lightweight and you can carry it on your back and carry another item in your free when loading into the gig. I have no doubt it's just as efficient as a hard case but better. The Line 6 cable appears to be the only game right now. Enjoy!
  9. Truly a sad day! Amazing player I have followed since the beginning.
  10. Did you notice any difference in the modeling sound? In the sustain?
  11. I'm finding the stock 10 gauge set pretty stiff compared to my other guitars. Thinking about going to a 9, has anyone else done this? Any set up problems? Any issues with the piezo pickup? Sustain issues?
  12. Thanks for the kind words all. I've been playing it for two days and it's working really well although I'm still tweaking it for best performance. C2, not sure what the issue is. I've watched it on several computers, tablets and phones. Go to YouTube and search rickthestick8, you should see it right there.
  13. Mine (89F) is connected to the plate the whammy springs attach to. My guess is the whammy assembly somewhere. Yes it is a ground wire.
  14. I'll come back and post a follow-up when done. That's what the To Be Continued meant. I love the profile of the 89F neck but the bottom "horn" kept getting in the way of my big hands. Hopefully it's resolved. It will be with the painter for another week or so. Good luck with the neck job!
  16. A week ago, a gig, :o mine froze on me. Had to reboot in the middle of a tune. Doing a looping solo act, it was not what you want to happen live. I have since found this to happen again, same patch, very consistently now. I haven't changed anything in the patch and it worked up until last week. Now, I don't dare use it. I have overwritten the patch with the same one that always worked without an issue but it still locks up.
  17. Sorry, I should have mentioned I'm using an JTV-89F with the VDI cable. That may make a difference. The last gig this week was tonight so I'll be moving to 2.11 this weekend but I don't think anything in the tuner was addressed in the latest update.
  18. Since 2.10, several times the tuner doesn't register any input, no signal at all. Anyone else?
  19. The fix is easy for most but I have my Helix mounted in a custom case so it's a bit more difficult to get to the jack. The second pedal is not an option as I'm gigging a lot and it would have to be plugged in and out at each gig. As I stated above, not easy to do.
  20. The recommended fix worked, ...for a couple weeks but tonight it reared it's ugly head again out of nowhere. Has anyone else had it show up again after the workaround? I wouldn't want to deal with this at a gig! We need a permanent fix to address this issue. Hope it's coming soon...
  21. OK, this fixed my Helix for a while but tonight it suddenly showed up again after a couple weeks. I hope there's a permanent fix in the near future. This would be a real PITA if it showed up at a gig!
  22. I just did my second gig yesterday with the SpaceStation V3 and have the highest praise for this speaker coupled with the B1200D Pro sub. I was using a pair of QSC K12's and they sounded good but to get a good stereo image, you have to be in the sweet spot. This combination sends out a sound that is simply amazing. The sweet spot is everywhere in the room! I encourage everyone to try it out. Once you try it you'll never go back. Watching YouTube videos won't give you what you need to truly appreciate it. My two cents...
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