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  1. Fractal is a small company...very small...I have been there personally. They seem conservative as a good way. The wait list is a pain but it allows you to get in line for the product and as mentioned doesn't require an outlay of cash. Of course people on the line 6 Helix forum prefer the Helix...on the Fractal forum they prefer the crazy. Line 6 has been very good to me, providing me with excellent tools. I did go with an AX8 and I love it -- but I still use a Variax and gig at times with an HD500. I like having all the makes the companies work harder for our dollars and our personal preferences get a variety to chose from. Basically, if you can't make a Helix, AX8, Profile etc sound probably isn't the modelers fault. Anyway I am glad you like the Helix! It seems like a real bad @ss piece of gear.
  2. @rickthestick that is NOT for the faint hearted....came out great nonetheless...
  3. If I use Duracell Quantum batteries I get 6 - 8 solid hours if not more sometimes...I was using rechargeable and they didn't hold up nearly as well.
  4. @HonestOpinion Thanks! I have no problem uploading the XR16 channel(s)...give me a couple days. The only caveat is my wife uses a TC Helicon Harmony Singer for live harmonies. On that pedal there is some compression and reverb I use. The delay etc is from the Behringer XR16 mixer. BTW the TC Helicon pedal is pretty cool in that you send your guitar through it and it "listens" to your chords (minor / major 3rd) for the appropriate vocal harmony. You set where you want the harmonies ( 3rd, 5th above / below etc). It isn't perfect (as the tracks reveal) but it works well for us. Oh and it doesn't like jazz chords too much :) @Indianrock2020 Thanks! I use a JTV-69 direct to my Behringer XR16 mixer. All stock models. I didn't tweak anything with workbench. EQ and reverb and delay are from the mixer. As a general commentary on the Variax...IMHO the softer the touch the better it comes across including strumming tunes. The sound is decent. I actually go from the XR-16 to a Bose L1 PA and it translates quite well. Thanks again for the kind words... :)
  5. @HonestOpinion the neck is fairly beefy. I own a JTV69HSS. With that said, it is quite playable. The neck comments are accurate, but for me it works fine... My only issue with the guitar is its weight. It is a heavy guitar in my opinion.... Anyway, you will like the is a good purchase, I would imagine you will be quite $699.00 that is a good price.
  6. Yeah, my wife and I have an "acoustic" duo that is all variax. It is really hard to beat...I go direct to a behringer XR16 with a little compression and eq...sounds decent. Here are some demo tracks...all played and recorded live...(variax / looper and harmonizer). The tracks are raw off my board recorded to usb. Percussion is using a beat buddy pedal.
  7. PRSGuy

    Helix Vs. AX8

    How crazy....and on the AX8 forum the majority of people think it is better than the Helix...imagine... :P
  8. Yes, where did you get the pickguard? That would look pretty awesome on my black 69.
  9. I love the concept of the G10...but Why does the transmitter jack extend out so much!!!! I wish it could have been a 90 degree connection if possible to the guitar. Seems like any guitar with the jack on the bottom could be problematic bumping into stuff etc.
  10. I have a JTV-69 with an HD500 and I am looking for a passable bass sound for live duo looping work. I realize I can drop the tuning etc but does anyone have any tricks to make it more believable sounding? Thanks!
  11. actually the open box come with the 1 year mfg warranty and the sweetwater 2 year warranty so the risk seems low versus a new one minus any cosmetic issues.
  12. @DarrellM5 how has the Helix integration been with the variax? I actually go through an HD500 to a bose PA...sounds good.
  13. PRSGuy

    Crank it up!

    although in theory they could compensate the frequencies as you increased the may not like the changes to your tone yeah it is "possible" however there are tons of factors, size of room, actual volume, room material..tone itself ( what amp, guitar ) blah blah...I guess I don't see how they could do a one size fits all algorithm for loud versus soft compensation... interesting thought though...maybe sample the sound low and create an eq curve of sorts and as you turn to volume resample the sound and apply the EQ curve...anyway the stuff line 6 does is all black magic to me...
  14. So I have spent some time with the JTV-69 and wow, the acoustic sounds fantastic...that baritone with my boomerang looper and the regular acoustic model on top is beautiful... I am very happy with the quality of the guitar too...(minus the model selector hat falling off) it is a very well made guitar! So Line 6, excellent job...please fix the factory process for the model button so what would have been an absolute slam dunk was a little bit of anguish followed by happiness. Anyway...this thing is just crazy good sounding... I might have to change my user name.... :P
  15. thank you for the is a little weird this is still a problem but whatever I can deal with it...thanks for the help.
  16. So brandy new JTV-69 came in...plays great, setup great...sounds great...BUT within literally 3 minutes the top of the model selector knob came off? What the heck? It doesn't look like glue is on it, how the heck is it supposed to be attached???? The chrome hat part. I should add I am very gentle with my stuff so this makes me a bit nervous as I do gig 3 weekends per month so the plan is for this thing to get some use...I cannot be dealing with weirdo stuff happening while gigging. With that said, this has been the only issue so far. How do I reattach it??????? Oh and will this void my warranty? I really don't want to send it back for what should be a simple fix. thanks, Rick
  17. When I saw the title I thought it was a western movie you were referencing... :P
  18. Another dumb question.... The acoustic guitar models sound pretty good on the videos I have heard...what do people use on the signal chain in the HD500? In other words, are people using an amp model or just going through some eq and delay etc in the HD500? I am looking for a very clean, ambient acoustic sound for supporting some solo guitar and vocal. My thinking is JTV-69 -> HD500 -> bose L2
  19. Okay so I know I am late to the party but I bought a JTV-69 due tomorrow... I plan on using it with an HD500 I currently have and maybe down the road a Helix... Where should I look for info on how to use it with the HD500? I am looking to have my Pod remember my model settings on the guitar etc... I am quite comfortable with the HD500 except for use with a Variax...any info is greatly appreciated!!! Does the manual cover all this? Recommended videos? thanks!
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