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Tones for recording


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Hi , I'm using a firehawk at the moment but I always get good informative answers from this forum , so I have a question.


I'm relatively new to recording into a daw (recorded tons of times in studios) and have recorded a few tracks recently and while I'm fairly happy with the overall result, as a band we all feel the guitars could be better.


Currently I've been using tones that I've created for live use , they have been road tested and tweaked and everybody loves the tones I use, I play through an lt3. However when recorded they just don't quite hit the spot.

When recording into a daw is it better to create the tones using headphones?

Or am I better off creating the tones while using the powered speakers I use for mixing?


Any thoughts or ideas will be greatly appreciated





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Use both, and any other speaker systems you may have. Things may sound good on one system, but bad on another. If you can get things sounding fairly good on a number of systems, chances are it will sound good enough on most systems. I'm not referring to a single guitar tone, but a finished mix that contains a guitar tone. If you make a tone as standalone and intend to use it with other components of the music, don't expect good results. When constructing a preset, it must be built around the rest of the music, as well as the other components built around the guitar tone. Everything should ideally work together and compliment everything else. I suppose a lot of this can be done within the DAW, and might be the more correct of way, and even easier way, of doing things; I don't know for sure as I've never really had any formal training for this stuff. But I've had decent enough results with trying to get things correct as much as possible at the sound source, or the HD in your case.

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Yes it makes sense for sure , I just hate recording my guitars dry but I'll definitely try it without reverb or delay on the next track


So can anybody recommended a good plugin for reverbs and delays?

Cost is an issue at the moment but if it's something that's undoubtedly worth the money I'll raise funds somehow

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