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Where do you find the remote app?


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I'm new to Line 6 & have purchased a Spider V 120.  Where do I find the remote app that can run on a PC to fine tune the settings?


I see folks using this app on a PC or IPOD on some demo videos.  Is there a cost for it or is it free? 

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There is no PC version of the app at the moment. Right now it is only available for iOS or Android. So, for iOS, it's in the App Store, and for Android, you'd download it from Google Play or whatever your particular device's equivalent is.

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Okay, I feel as though this must have been talked about elsewhere and everyone but rhplayer and myself already must know the answer.  But...this begs a follow-up question;  Will there be a PC version?  Does, "at the moment" mean that it is on the drawing table?  Cause, if you're waiting for interest, I'm interested.  


I have just recently purchased a Spider V/120 - which I like very much.  However, using my iPhone to tweak a preset is one thing; it's quite another to start from scratch.  A PC is the only way I'll do any serious editing/creating- I just ain't that nimble.


Best regards,


NorthEnd Studio

Anchorage Alaska

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Chances are slim and none that they will create a pc based editor, and slim just left town... :wacko:


I bow down in humble embarrassment for my lack of faith in the Line 6 wizards to create a PC editor. The crow is half eaten for dinner, the rest for breakfast tomorrow. I see Slim in the doorway right now...

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