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Pod HD pro x to Spider IV amp head


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So my dad bought me a Pod HD pro x for Christmas. I wanted to plug it into my cabinet and I found out that it was really quiet when i tried using it as an amp head. I relize that I would need a poweramp for it to properly work, but I was wondering if I could use my amp head as a substitute for a power amp.


Anyone know if that's a possibility? Cheers.

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Power up the spider and hold down the tuner button.  You will bypass the modeling in the spider.  Plug right into the guitar-in port. (1/4 inch in)  Make sure the Master volume is down on the Pod.  The Spider has no volume control.


The power amp test mode is a pretty good one...However, if the amp experiences an interruption in power it will not longer be in that mode when it comes back. 

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