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Hi all


Been loving my JTV 89 for a while and really delving deep with its use with the Helix.


Major problem was the odd Squealing issue which a reflash fixed handily HOWEVER - now ONLY the mags are usable because as soon as I engage ANY models they have a crackling and / or white noise throughout where they used to be perfectly silent until played which I loved esp for recording pristinely.


I have eliminated all causes (its not the VDI Cable, nor the Helix, nor the Battery etc)


Re flash and reboot to no avail, I think the problem is in the actualy electronics ie hardware


Did I mention Im in Sydney, Australia? WHAT TO DO?


Thanks for any suggestions Im at my wits end and very sad



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There's the link,...


... one of them should be able to do something.


zedopaido, sounds like a program issue. If this occurred after an update,

there may be a glitch in the program, re-Flash it again.


If it didn't occur during an update, then make certain the screws are snug,

that holds in the Alt Tune, 5-Way toggle, and the the Volume/Tone controls. 

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I'm having same issue.  unit is a brand new jtv-89  as soon as you activate modeling button while using 1/4 cable crackling and noise appears. I'm using a helix and carvin pa. Ive updated all units so far so far nothing. Works perfectly through digital cable.

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