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Helix 2.20 volume control jump in levels


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I just assumed the stepping was an artifact only when playing...



From the reports thats what I thought as well. That would have been a non-issue. I had intended on sitting this one out as well, but I did some IR shopping and had to re-organize all of my IRs anyway, so I figured I'd just do it while I was in there. I'm not currently using any of the new stuff, so I'm actually considering rolling back a version.

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Do you mean you adjust the master volume many times a show/rehearsal, after each patch switch?


That works, but personally I've found it much easier and more convenient to always leave Master Volume at maximum, and set the mixer or speakers the Helix is going into to an overall preferred volume. Then I save each patch with its overall level adjusted appropriately (either at the amp's Channel Volume, the Output block's Gain adjustment, or at the last effect block in the path).


Sometimes it takes a couple of rehearsals or gigs to dial it in perfectly, but once it's dialed in it's "set and forget." Also, it's pretty easy to adjust the patch volume hands-free - that's where the foot edit mode is really useful.


No, not what I mean at all.  I normalize the volume of all my patches at home.  When I get to the gig during sound check and gain staging we set our stage mix volumes to blend correctly all the instruments and voices, and that's when I use the master volume to set the appropriate level for that stage to get the right stage blend before we do a final gain staging for the FOH at the mixer.  That's when I don't want it stairstepping become sometimes those can be very minor corrections.

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