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Clipping Helix into m20d direct

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Hi, I tried to connect my helix via xlr direct into the m20d (also tried into L3t and from L3t out into the m20d).

There was quite a bit of clipping going on even though the meter was not showing any clipping. I wanted to to trim (using the auto trim option in m20d) but the mixer could not adjust saying "signal too hot". It is a bit weird since I did not have the impression I played very loud. In the helix I did just update to firmware 2.2 and all global settings are on "default". The xlr out is set to line level. The big volume know was set to the middle position. Very strange. Anybody has experience with that?




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Your best option is to run from the XLR mono out to one of the 4 line level inputs, but you will need a XLR to 1/4 TRS adapter. Or a good quality guitar cable from the 1/4 out mono to same line input. Make sure the 1/4 output is set to line level as well. Works great for me.

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