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Variax 500 viewable in Workbench via Helix LT?

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Now that my beloved Variax 500 is working again (thank you Line 6!!), I'm looking to connect it to Workbench and adjust some of the guitars and pickups.


I no longer have the old USB interface, but i do have a Helix LT.


Question - can a legacy item like the Variax use the Helix LT as an interface with the older Workbench (As I don't think the Workbench HD would work with my older guitar)


thanks in advance!

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I'm seeing a used pod xt live is about the same cost as the USB interface... any idea if I'd run into the same problems with a Pod XT Live as I do with the Helix LT?


The legacy Variax and Pod models were designed to work together. You may want to confirm with any seller, that the connection to Workbench is working as it should, with whichever budget Pod you buy 2nd hand, otherwise go with a 2nd hand USB connection if you can find one.

Helix is designed to work with later model Variaxes only, unfortunately.....

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thanks eenymason!


I was thinking for about the same price as the USB interface, I could get a used Pod XT live or Pod X3. (I hardly ever see used USB interfaces for sale on ebay, reverb.com, or CL)

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