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Is it possible to channel switch a prs archon 50


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Worst user manual ever. Although the footswitch jack LOOKS like 5 pin MIDI, I wouldn't count on it. As far as I can tell, PRS considers this "Need to know" info and, as the purchaser of their product YOU DON'T NEED TO KNOW! You should call them, they're much nicer on the phone (I have 2 PRS guitars). Otherwise, unless someone else here knows from experience, I would heed this warning from the manual:


Footswitch Jack: Connect the included footswitch to control channel switching
and the eff ects loop bypass function. When using the footswitch, select the
clean channel on the amplifier front panel for proper function. Only use the
included footswitch. Connection of an improper footswitch may result in
damage to the amplifier.

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I have a PRS Custom 50 controlled with my helix:




Picked up an RJM Mini Amp Gizmo for $110 used on ebay, was here in a couple days.


Pulled apart an old midi cable end


Pulled apart the cable and ends that came with the Amp Gizmo


Pulled out the soldering iron (I have a 4 year old, so apparently pulling out wasn't a skill acquired until recently)


Used the attached diagram to wire it up. AC-PRSCUSTOM.pdf


Plugged it all in. Started hitting buttons. Solo boosts, channel switching and reverb all work perfectly.


Take note of what buttons on the front of the gizmo do what. Write that down.


!!!! Went into Helix Global Settings and turned OFF "MIDI PC Send"   !!!!!!! - Otherwise it will override any midi instants you setup in patches. Use these and snap shots, life will be easier TRUST ME!


Programmed Helix to send instant midi changes on snapshots, plugged the midi cable to amp gizmo.


To program the Gizmo I did not use snapshots, just grabbed a blank patch and sent them using foot switches. I kept this extremely simple:


Clean: 0

Lead: 1

Clean + Boost: 2

Lead + Boost: 3


I don't use much reverb so I didn't bother programming that.


Hit switch to send message, hit buttons on the amp gizmo I took note of earlier to get the amp where I wanted it, held down "Write" button on gizmo until it flashed, and I was done.


All works perfectly.


I did this last week on Thursday and worked right away. Just take your time and make sure you don't screw up the wiring on the cable

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Now I have a question for you:


I get a ton of noise when I plug the helix into the loop on the custom 50.


Power conditioner, no power conditioner, studio, living room, dining room, different cables, wireless system, no wireless system, every imaginable option.


Nothing I have done has solved it regarding power.


I do get additional noise if I just jump the loop it self on the lead channel, with reading on the PRS forums moving the cable around does calm this noise.


Plug the helix back in. 10x worse. Tons of noise.


I would have to put the amp in standby between songs if I were to take it live this way. Obviously not an option. I never experienced this when I had an hd500 + jvm410h 4cm.


Do you experience this at all with your archon + helix?

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I don't know if I would advise this though. There are couple accounts of people using specifically the Archon + Helix ext amp and blowing the jack completely losing the ability to switch their amp. Do a Google search for it. It was those posts specifically that led me to purchase the rjm mini amp gizmo last week.

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Hi jmp - re the noise on your loop

It may be a long shot, but I had a similar problem on a Blackstar loop.  The amp went back to the factory but they couldn't replicate the noise I was experiencing.  It turned out that the noise was caused by mains power interference from internet power line networking.  If you use this, or it is working through any part of your mains circuit, get rid of it.  What threw me off the scent was that the noise was only present when the amp's effects loop was in operation.  It was perfectly quiet with a guitar and effects straight in.  Like you, I tested with just jumping the loop with a plain cable, and the noise was there immediately.  Obviously I got the same noise or worse when there were pedals or a Helix etc in the loop, but just jumping the loop was enough.  This is what made me sure that it was a fault with the amp - until I tested the amp in someone else's house - no noise.

The power line networking never caused any problem with any other amp, including other Blackstar amps.  I ended up running a 30m Ethernet cable all through my house so that I could get rid of it, but it cured the problem.  It just seems that the effects loop circuitry on some amps is particularly susceptible to interference via the mains. 

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Success, hum eliminator worked perfect. Going to order 20' of multicore and make a snake w/ 3 TS and 1 midi connector for the setup.


Any news on the Archon?


Look into the RJM Mini Amp Gizmo man, it will change your life and seems like it's worth having in the tool box.

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I think I'm late to the game here, but I did email with PRS about this a while ago.  They offered two solutions.  They can mod the Archon with standard 1/4" inch jacks for foot switches.  It won't power the LED on the included foot switch, but it will function fine and work with Helix.  I think they charged $100 for the option


He also recommended I check out Voodoo Labs. They makes a cable that goes from the 5-pin to 1/4"

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