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Helix and Workbench HD not working, Help Help

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Hi All

Ok So i am losing my mind trying to get Helix and Variax JTV 69 working. I installed a brand new Windows 10 install

and no matter what always get 'The connected Variax is not compatible with Workbench HD.

You must use a James Tylers Variax version 2.0 or higher' so I go and disconnect the Variax completely and get the exact same error so it appears that really the message is bogus. I have the supplied VDI cable and have tried several CAT 5 and Cat 5 E cables still always get the same error.


Does any know exactly why this doesnt work? Does having Line 6 POD HD 500 installed as well as helix cause this? I did not try uninstalling Line 6 monkey

but did disconnect the line 6 POD 500.  


I just cant figure out how this doesnt work and why my system only


FYI Line 6 Support says they have no idea and it 'should work;!


Here is my Black Friday recording with 2.30 firmware 




help help

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Connect the way you normally would for Monkey update or Workbench HD

with the the interface device and cables that came with the JTV.


Unplug any USB hubs that may be connected. 


Insert a fully charged JTV battery into the compartment, then plug a stereo headphone adapter

into the 1/4" jack. Listen for the click of the relay engaging. There should be two green LED's on

the interface device. 


Check Line 6 Monkey for the Firmware version on the JTV guitar. If it is not v2.00 or higher, Workbench HD

will not recognize the guitar.


Once all this is completed, you should be able to open Workbench HD.


Check the online Pilot's Handbook and the Knowledge Base on this subject for further details if needed.


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Yeah so everything works witg monkey and the usb interface but with helix nothing..i get tge error..tge firmware for variax is tge latest

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Use the interface device and cables that came with the JTV-69,

and connect to the computer with that, without the Helix. Try that.


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Hi.. fwiw, I have a an iMAC and Workbench HD along with HX Edit, JTV and Helix LT

Workbench HD is very very intermittent connecting to my JTV, and I get the same message you see.. the one about the software version on the JTV.


I've tested various connectivity scenarios and the Workbench HD sometimes connects, sometimes doesn't and sometimes connects then fails to communicate with the JTV when settings are changed..


Currently my chain looks like this..


MAC USB --> Helix LT --> JTV (via the cat 5 cable).

This is the most stable connectivity sequence I can get.... dropping out the Helix makes connectivity to workbench worse..


Basically, workbench is useless to me, so the value of it is wasted.


I'd like a solution, but it looks like this issue isn't restricted to Windows... it's MAC too..


Help anyone?


PS, everything (including the iMAC) is running latest available firmware..



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I recall some odd quirk between JTV and iMac's. I think that got resolved early on, but make sure to add that

to your support ticket,... just to be certain that is covered.

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